b2b cold callingThere will always be a right way to do things. For example, if your smartphone is broken, you cannot just tinker with it until it is fixed. With that said, there is the correct way to do business-to-business cold calling.

Although there are now many experts in the art of contacting business prospects, there are still a large population of marketers that do not do proper cold calling procedures. In the end, all their time, money, and efforts will all have gone to waste. Punching in random numbers on the telephone in hopes of contacting a promising prospect spells disaster for your campaign.


Generating business leads through this marketing method involves the acquisition of certain requirements. The following requisites are both tangible and intangible in nature. Nonetheless, they are still needed for the benefit of getting good results from your sales leads generation campaign.

  • Procuring the right mindset

    Doing b2b marketing practices is more than just contacting targeted markets. You have to exude the right level of confidence and keep your eyes on the prize at all times. Although you might encounter some bumps on the road, you should not give up in achieving your goals.

  • Practice your script

    How will you know if your script is effective if you have not tried talking to people while using it? Ask your family or friends to listen into your script and let them have their say on what needs to be refined. After doing the necessary revisions, you are well on your way to start your b2b cold calling campaign.

  • Pick up the phone

    This is a no brainer but one of the toughest things to be done by a b2b marketer. Fear can creep in the mind and inhibit them from doing what needs to be done. You should accept that you can not please everyone in your targeted market. Just know that out of the many prospects you call, there will be some that WILL be interested in knowing more about your company.

  • Deal with irate prospects smoothly

    Again, do not be afraid of the thought that you might be getting some irate businesspeople. After all, your targeted audience do not know that you will be calling them. As such, you might get in touch with someone that will shout profanities at you (even if you have not told them anything yet). Just deal with them smoothly, and with respect, then move on to the next person to cold call.

  • Set realistic goals

    If you want to dream then dream big. However, do not go overboard as to set goals that are far from your reach. Do not say, “I’m going to set 300 appointments today!” Remember that cold calling does not have a high probability for letting you acquire sales leads. If you want to set goals for cold calling appointment setting, then set it around three to five a day (provided you will be on the phone for the entire day).

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