voip leads, appointment setting, business call centersVOIP leads generation and appointment setting is considered to be one of the toughest forms of b2b marketing to date. This form of difficulty is due to the reason that if a client signs-up for a contract between them and a VOIP company, then that business relationship will last for years on end. It is a similar concept to having a telecom service provider for powering today’s smartphones; if the service is reliable then we tend to stick to that company for life.

Therefore, VOIP companies cannot afford to lose any business leads that would come their way. They should employ the right method for b2b marketing that will give the VOIP leads they need and won’t put a huge hole in their pockets at the same time. Many will seek low-cost marketing methods to aid them in their endeavor. However, lowered costs does not mean they’ll be safe from any of the horrors of marketing.

In other words, VOIP companies cannot evade the possibility of failing in b2b lead generation and appointment setting even if they did not pay a huge amount for it.

To avail of low-cost b2b marketing that is can also give them the highest chance of gaining quality business leads and sales appointments possible, VOIP companies should look into the pay per call telemarketing scheme.

Now when pay per call comes into mind, the clear thing that comes into mind is the inbound marketing method wherein sales and marketing people get paid when their potential customers call a specific number to hear more about the company and the item/service they are about to purchase. THIS pay per call is an outbound telemarketing scheme wherein clients of business call centers are allowed to acquire a certain cost efficient pricing program.

In this outbound form of pay per call, the price for the outsourced telemarketing services fall under the amount of contacts to be reached and calls to be made (hence the title of the program). In other words, VOIP companies no longer have to purchase the aid of professional telemarketers as a whole, where instead they would just have to pay them at the price for the number of calls they will make.

Even if the price is focused on the number of calls to be made, VOIP business owners and marketing personnel should not have a cause for worry. The risk involved with outsourcing to the pay per call program lies largely on the side of the business call center. Think about it, many call centers of late have ‘professional’ lead generation and appointment setting staff. So even if the pricing scheme has changed, it does not mean that they should lower the quality of their service.

Outbound pay per call is but one of many marketing methods out there to obtain quality VOIP leads and sales appointments. VOIP companies should look into outsourcing to one as soon as possible lest their competition will take away their leads.