A lot of people, even b2b lead generation marketers, think that business-to-business marketing is all about laying out the details while business-to-consumer is more on the personal and emotional side. However, when you take a look at it, we are all emotional people regardless of the reasons of our purchase; the only difference is the emotions being felt at these times.

There have been many experiences from a multitude of b2b marketers that marketing to other businesses is still very emotional. However, that emotion is to lessen risk. This type of risk is the disproportion of what people perceive on what they are about to lose versus the potential gain of them making the right decision of marketing to the right prospect. During such time, buyers are looking for signals that will lead them to the right choice.

Below is a list of strategies to aid you in your b2b marketing endeavors in hopes of mitigating risks. The following will allow you to help you in increasing conversion rates and in the end, get more b2b leads.

  1. To expect more, ask for less

    Instead of hurrying up the sales process by upselling every product or service you have to offer, try to take it down a notch. The first thing you have to do is to build a buyer-seller relationship with your prospects.

    In fact, you don’t have to sell anything on your first meeting with your potential client. Just ask them to read a blog or visit your website and ask them if they have any questions. Need more information from your potential clientèle? Instead of asking them outright, you can get away with a lot of them by giving out a free e-book or inviting them to a webinar.

  2. Bribe them

    Well, not really. What you’re going to do is run promos and special offers. It may sound too much especially if your business is still on its startup phase. However, take note that people like to hear the words “SALE,” or “GET THIS FOR FREE!” Such incentives can come in many forms, which may include gift cards or gift cheques, a free item with every purchase, or exclusive discounts to specific products or services.

  3. Engage with your prospects

    Although automated means seems a lot easier when it comes to getting the attention of your target markets, it doesn’t hold a candle when it comes to real human interaction. People like to talk to other people, not an answering machine, not an automated reply from an e-mail, and certainly not an automated voice message.

    There many ways for you to interact. If you’re running an international company, you can do this by simply interacting with them via social networking sites. Got a business that targets local companies? Invite your prospects to lunch or dinner.

  4. If you have it, flaunt it

    There are a lot of times that prospects will ask you, “What do you have that they don’t?” You can always flaunt your business’ edge over your competitors but don’t do it in a condescending or in arrogant manner.

    If you’ve had previous or existing clients that have put in a good name for you and your business then you can state that during your appointment with your prospects. You can even state the awards that your business has gotten.

  5. Talk is cheap. Show them proof

    Sure you’ve stated that your company has tons of awards. You’ve also given them the great benefits about using your products and/or services. But where’s the proof?

    Talking may get you somewhere but you won’t go all the way through to closing that sale. The best way to win your prospects and let them become certified clients for your business is to show them case studies and even show them the testimonials that you’ve solicited. In other words, the more quantitative and more specific the results, your proof will be more convincing.

When you want to reduce risk and increase lead to client conversions, you have to place yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Think about what they’re so worried about, or what’s the thing that’s holding them back. Is it the price? Have they encountered a bad experience in the past that inhibits them from purchasing your wares? Is there something that they need to know more? By answering these question, you can get more out of your b2b marketing campaign.

If you are able to win the trust of your prospects, then the opportunity of more leads to come will be no longer a dream.