ERP Leads, Cloud Computing Leads, Lead GenerationEveryone uses a variety of media in marketing. It’s not surprising then that generating ERP leads would occasionally dip into using multimedia. It’s more or less a staple and you can even say it’s been taken for granted. Regardless, they can still be important for keeping prospects interested. It’s not just your salespeople who can benefit from a good, visual presentation.

On the other hand, enterprise software is a B2B industry so pictures could serve a purpose beyond just gimmicks and eye-candy. After all, B2B lead generation can demand a heavy mix of multi-channel marketing and extensive prospect engagement prior to qualification.

So, how exactly do pictures fulfill a significant purpose in this process?

  • #1 – They help send a message: Blocks of text might not be good but a single picture may not necessarily speak a thousand words either. Put them together though and you present a clearer idea for prospects who both prefer to read and for those who rely more on visual reference. In business intelligence for example, isn’t it more ideal to see a visual graph instead of just numbers? The representations of various statistics coupled with a complimentary explanation can pack a complex message into a simplified package. Why should your marketing deny this same convenience?
  • #2 – They signify authenticity – Photographic evidence can be arguably more powerful than eye-witness accounts. In your case, it can be powerful evidence that you’re a real business. For example, if your enterprise solution is cloud-based, then it would be convenient for your subscribers to know where you’re located. Other images you can include would be pictures of your hardware, the people in charge of maintenance, and even the picture of the actual building.
  • #3 – They inspire confidence – With both visual statistics and photographic evidence, your prospects now have solid reason to trust you more. And the more they trust you, the more interest they’ll have and the more likely they’ll become verified sales leads. Remember, inspiring trust is one of the most important steps in marketing (whether it’s B2B or B2C).

Do take note that pictures alone won’t work though. Again, just because they can speak a thousand words doesn’t mean all those words need to be said. It’s easy to make it an excuse to be lazy while letting the ‘thousand words’ burden the mind of your prospect. In marketing, that’s supposed to be the other way around.

However, it’s still good to use them as support throughout all channels you’ve been using. You can include some images in your email messages. Pictures could have a gallery of their own in your website. When engaging via telemarketing or social media, they could also be something to share.

Just because it’s B2B marketing, doesn’t mean there’s no place for any form of creative multimedia. On the contrary, the information that needs to be exchanged makes their application even more important. Visual representations can help reduce the burden of text. Photographic evidence can showcase and prove the authenticity of your business. Both can establish the trust and confidence you’ll need to attract ERP leads.