b2b lead generationEver wondered why your prospects don’t respond well too your b2b lead generation pitches? If you’re going at it like, “Hey, want to get the best deal of your life?” Then STOP! As in, stop being so sketchy.

People, and especially business people, know that there is nothing in this world that is too good to be true. We are just born this way (insert Lady Gaga song here). We are given the great gift of being skeptical; too skeptical in fact that we don’t believe the truth even if it is already right in front of our eyes. Why? Because of how people pull out their marketing and/or sales pitches.

Don’t be like one of those people. If other people are saying things like, “Do you want to get leads real good, real fast? I can show you how!”then your b2b lead generation has got another thing coming.

If you want, you could hire an advertising or branding consultant, or even an agency, to aid you and your business with regards to getting you more leads. Many of today’s advertising companies will readily promote your products and/or services at the greatest of expertise since they have the knowhow on what to do and what not to do.

However, getting their aid to help you in generating business leads can and will leave a hefty hole in your pocket. If you don’t have the budget for it, then it’s just a matter of buffering out the kinks of your b2b marketing campaign.

The following are some reasons on why you might be sounding a wee little too much sketchy during conversations with your prospects:

  1. You don’t give out pricing information

    Now when a possible client ask how much money would they have to shell out to get your product or service, you give it to them (or at least give them a ballpark figure). If you say that it is not in your power to say it to them or if you are somewhat hiding such information to them, then your prospect might think that you’re running a shady operation.

  2. You have a business proposal that is too vague to comprehend

    Even if you don’t want to give out all the details in your proposal, at least give out some. If you want your potential clientèle to engage with you, then you can leave out some of the details for them to ask questions with you. This will allow you to negotiate terms on how you can serve them better.

  3. Your spelling and grammar is shot

    Want to sound like a complete expert even if you’re not talking directly to your leads and prospects? Then better fix your spelling and grammar. Know the difference between there, their, and they’re, as well as your, and you’re. It’s not much of a big deal but it does help when sending out business proposals through e-mail, direct mail, and other indirect forms of marketing.

  4. You’re not letting them fill out an autobiography

    Are you letting them fill out fields like zip code, favorite color, favorite food, their greatest fear? Then ask yourself, Why?? You’re making them fill out a contact form or some information about their business, not an autobiography.

  5. You have no testimonials

    This reason can actually pass for your business, especially if it’s still on its startup phase. However, if you’re already standing strong within your industry and you can’t give your potential clients a decent testimonial from your previous or existing clients, then your prospects will most likely think that you can’t give good customer satisfaction.

It’s better to remedy such ailments from your b2b marketing as soon as possible. Once healed, your prospects will see the light about your business and can even be long-term clients within the near future.

So if you’re opting to generate IT, commercial cleaning, and even accounting leads any time soon, then stop being shady with regards to your business and start treating your prospects like they should be treated.