As the Millennial generation steps into decision-making roles at their companies, B2B marketing professionals will have to learn how to speak to them effectively. Reaching these millennials will not only require a new level of innovation, but a new mindset altogether. millennial-b2b-marketers

Cold calls and direct mail are antiquated methods for reaching these youthful decision makers. The younger generation wants to initiate the conversation. In fact, around 57 percent of the purchase decision may have already been made before B2B customers even contact you. Are you making it easy for those customers to consume your information, or do competitors offer better information than you do? With a large group of millennials moving into authoritative roles, this means you’ll need to make it much simpler for them to do their research. What will millennials need when they do business?

  • Accessibility – Your information must be easily consumed via multiple forms of media. Consider providing valuable email newsletters, social channels, blogs, infographics, and webinars.
  • Technology – Provide millennials with options to develop a solution most convenient to them by offering a variety of platforms. Create a helpful mobile app or at least offer a streamlined mobile experience so that millennials and other tech-savvy management members can research on the go.
  • Resources – Not only do you have to offer diverse media resources, but you have to provide a lot of them. Start by answering all of your FAQs, then move forward to answering internal and external questions about your industry and company. If your audience knows they can trust you as a resource, they know they can trust you as a product or service provider.
  • Personalization – Don’t attempt contact if you’re not willing to make it personal and targeted. With the immense opportunities for research available to us these days, there’s little reason not to understand who you’re reaching out to. Are they tech-savvy, or do they appear to adhere to the traditional phone-call method of outreach? Either way, be prepared to meet them in person. Just know that Millennials aren’t in it to hear a sales pitch–they’re in it to hear what unique solution you can offer them for their business.

The most important takeaway here is that as a B2B marketer, you need to understand your audience. Target, and then target some more in order to come across as genuine and truly aware of little details such as generational preferences.

Is your marketing changing with the times, or will you still be spreading the same word in the same way fifty years from now?

Image credit: Jhaymesvipphotography