So much emphasis is put on B2C customer service that it’s easy to forget about the B2B world. Yes, customer service certainly exists in the B2B realm, and it’s very prevalent in online customer service.

So how does customer service carry over to B2B? Well of course you’re always going to follow the same basic rules that you do with B2C customer service — being professional, always making yourself available and keeping in contact.

But there’s a big portion of B2B online customer service that stands apart from B2C, and that’s training.

Most customers in the B2B industry will require training once a project has been completed. So here’s how we handle training for B2B customers.

Online Demo

Once we’ve finished a project, whether it’s a new website, app, etc., we will establish a time and date to go over the complete project, demonstrating the ins and outs of the finished product. You want to be sure that your client not only understands how the product works, but also looks exactly the way they want it.

The next step, a big one, is hosting an online tutorial on how to make changes to the new product. Again, we will set up a date and time and run a live tutorial where anyone who wants to join can watch as we demonstrate how to make changes. For example, we typically use Word Press for new websites. So we will run through the typical tools a client will use to make updates and changes to their site. Obviously there is quite a bit to these programs, so keep it simple and stick to what they will only use so you don’t confuse your client.

Also, be sure you record this tutorial session and make it available to your clients. If anything comes up, instead of having to take the time to contact you, the client can simply look through the tutorial video to figure out what they need to do.

In The End

Again, although B2C and B2B have different aspects, the rules remain the same. It’s about providing the best, most professional customer service to your clients. Questions and/or concerns arise every day, so make sure you’re ready and available to your clients to ensure a strong, trusting partnership that can grow.