Marketers are always on the lookout for tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts more productive. B2B automation marketing as a phenomenon is fast pacing itself to popularity. It is a highly valuable tool to generate leads, nurture and gain new customers.

HubSpot in a survey found out that 76% of the businesses in 2021 report using automation in one way or the other.

B2B Automation Marketing

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And the others are planning to integrate marketing automation software platforms in their strategy very soon.

Sounds familiar? Are you considering B2B automation marketing for your business as well? Then you would surely want to know-how.

Allow me to give you an overview of how incorporating B2B automation marketing can bear a huge impact on your business growth.

How to Boost Your Marketing Strategy with B2B Automation Marketing?

B2B automation marketing can help marketers streamline several processes. But wait, the benefits of B2B automation marketing go beyond boosting efficacy. Using tools for customer engagement can help businesses to generate leads and grow.

Are you eager to explore how B2B automation marketing can boost your business?

Let’s find out.

Automated Website Live Chat

Your potential customers are seeking information about your business. Whether you are planning to start a new website or to upgrade the existing one, having a live website chat can be both impressive and helpful for your visitors.

Sadly though, the visitors may have to spend a lot of time navigating through the website to find the information they are looking for. Instead, you can use live chat to answer their queries in real-time and deliver high-quality customer service.

But does that mean more work for your already worked up customer service team? Not really. Thanks to B2B automation marketing, you can easily install an automated live chat tool to interact with your visitors and answer the majority of their regular queries.

Take Ruffwear for example, they have automated their website live chat to answer customer queries and engage them, even when their customer reps are away.

B2B Automation Marketing

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Lead Nurturing with Targeted Email Marketing

Your website has great potential for lead generation. But a study says that 96% of first-time visitors are not yet ready to buy. What steps would you adopt to nurture and capture the new leads that enter your system?

Email correspondence is one of the most preferred means to inform and nurture leads for businesses big and small. Email marketing is also one of the most common use cases for B2B automation marketing.

Especially in the B2B industry, automated email marketing works well to educate leads and to earn their trust before making a purchase. To begin with, you can use some of the most impressive templates for customer service emails to interact with your leads. From personalized welcome messages to sharing gated content via emails, B2B automation marketing can be utilized to lead potential customers through the sales funnel successfully.

Lead Scoring

B2B businesses not only need to focus on nurturing their leads but due attention should be given to qualify the leads. Lead scoring has a massive impact on your pipeline and B2B automation marketing helps you to do it in a timely manner.

A B2B automation marketing software can be employed to detect actions like form submissions, email clicks, page views, social media leads, and score your leads to indicate their sales-readiness.

What’s more, the lead scores can be set as an automation trigger, indicating the system to send the next SMS or direct message or email to share the next level of information.

Sales and marketing teams can thus focus directly on the high scoring leads who are more likely to make a purchase and bring you revenue.

Multi-channel Campaigns

As a brand, you should aim to target multiple channels to maximize your campaign reach. B2B automation marketing can help you run a campaign on multiple channels and generate leads simultaneously.

A good amount of research is required to understand which channels be combined together to run a single campaign. Some of the channels that work well together are social media, email and messaging. It is also important to assess the features and capacities of your automation marketing tool before deciding to run campaigns on multiple channels.

Social Media Automation

Turns out, more and more businesses are considering social media marketing automation. When you know the value of social media marketing but don’t have the time to invest, what do you do? You can simply rely on B2B automation marketing. Social media automation goes deeper than mere post scheduling. It helps save time by taking care of repetitive tasks.

B2B automation marketing can help design highly targeted social media campaigns. To do so, you need to analyze a huge chunk of user-related data thoroughly.

B2B automation marketing helps personalize customer experience on social media. When users sign up for any of your offerings, you can send them automated messages with further information.

If you’ve got a degree in communication management, you can understand exactly what needs to be communicated to your customers. Accordingly, you can draft those automated messages.

What’s more, you can even automate sharing posts from partner brands or pages.

You can target your followers or those who like your page with automated direct messages on social channels. The result, you will not only be able to engage prospects but promote sales as well.

Referral Marketing

You will be fascinated to know that 78% of B2B referrals end up as valuable customer leads. Turns out, the leads that you acquire through referral are the easiest ones to convert.

B2B automation marketing can be quite helpful in kick-starting and managing many of the mundane tasks of referral marketing. When your customers make a purchase you can automatically offer them discounts or giveaways if they refer your products to a friend.

Referral marketing campaigns can be integrated with automated emails to inform your contacts about the campaign and generate more leads. B2B automation marketing can also be employed to track referrals.

Should You Adopt B2B Automation Marketing for Your Business?

As B2B automation marketing grows in popularity, we are convinced that more and more segments of digital marketing will adopt automation.

Not only big companies, but even smaller businesses can adopt B2B automation marketing in various ways to not only enhance efficiency but to generate quality leads.

Which one of the automation processes we discussed above has impressed you the most? How are you going to integrate automation into your marketing strategy?

Go ahead and share with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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