Are business-to-business companies adopting social media as part of their marketing efforts? A new study from Eloqua of 548 companies found that 64 percent were using the digital tools to promote, interact, and sell.

That’s pretty good, but Magnet believes that the other 36 percent are still missing a huge opportunity. Sure, a Facebook page may not be right for every company, but with so many different ways to use the various social platforms, there are endless possibilities to expand a business online.

To show this 36 percent how the other companies are doing it, Eloqua published its findings in a beautiful, space-themed Infographic. We’re sharing it on our blog today in case you know your B2B company knows it needs to be social online, but isn’t quite sure how to do it.

Some interesting points from this Infographic:

  • The number one reason B2B companies use social media is to raise brand awareness.
  • 53 percent of B2B brands are not using social media to generate more demand for their products or services.
  • Of the companies that are not using social media, 18 percent said it is because they lack the tools necessary, while 25 percent said they don’t know how to create a social media plan.

Infographic: How Do B2B Companies Use Social Media?