Keeping the day-to-day operations of a school running smoothly can be quite the challenge for administrators. Outside of classes and school assemblies, there are all sorts of events throughout the year that requiring planning and communication to pull off. Keeping dozens or hundreds of students, parents and teachers informed of events, meetings, emergencies and school functions can be an administrator’s nightmare. Well, maybe a nightmare for their secretary or assistant.

One of the easiest ways to keep everyone on the same page is to implement an automated messaging service to meet specific school needs. Automated messaging solutions like PhoneTree take the old parent phone call network to the next level by making it easy to have timely, accurate communication to parents, teachers and students via phone, text or email messaging. They allow for high-volume messaging that can be done by a single person, rather than a small army of staff or parents. Here are just a few of the ways that automated messaging for schools can cut costs and save time.

Open House Reminders

With school just starting up, parents will be meeting teachers and touring classrooms. For many parents, this may be their first visit to the school, so you can expect confusion. Automating reminders to parents will let your school customize instructions, directions and dates for each grade or classroom to make sure parents know exactly when and where they should visit the school.

Lunch Account Balance Notices

While parental involvement is a big issue for schools, student nutrition is a big concern for both schools and parents. Many schools offers rechargeable spending accounts for students to purchase their lunches. An automated service can send parents weekly updates on their account to track their nutrition and spending. Systems like this have been shown to save time and reduce resources needed for school districts, and they can also help increase student health and well-being.

Attendance Notification

While parents definitely appreciate being able to keep track of lunch habits, they are most interested in whether or not their kids are attending class. You can arrange reminders to students and parents for absence, tardiness or detention. These have been shown to increase attendance and improve parent engagement.

Increased Parent-Teacher Communication

Instead of sending announcements or messages home with just the student, teachers can arrange custom messages or reminders to parents. Got a big field trip that needs parental signatures, or are report cards just around the corner? Teachers can send messages quickly to all of their students’ parents, increasing efficiency.

School Emergencies or Closures

School emergencies can take many forms, from weather-related closures to more serious threats. But when they occur, quick and accurate information is vital. Automated messaging solutions will let an administrator record a notification and send it quickly. If telephone systems are down, the system can still send texts or emails to alert parents, teachers and students during any emergencies and arrange a solution.

Staff Notices

Automated messages make it easy to spread school news, announcements, budget updates and meeting reminders to all staff. These messages can drastically reduce the time and resources spent creating notices and reminders for all of the teachers in a school or school district.