In 2018, we discussed a lot about artificial intelligence (AI)-driven marketing efforts. For marketers, this is no longer an idea, but a reality. As AI continues to become deeply integrated into marketing efforts, marketers who leverage this technology will provide customers with a personalized experience that drives business performance.

One key tool is content intelligence. Whether you’re trying to achieve more traffic to your site, grow revenue or increase interactions, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven content intelligence provides marketers the ability to drive more marketing results. Through content intelligence, marketers can execute content strategies that engage customers and prospects and drive conversions at every stage of the buyer journey.

Content intelligence works by analyzing existing content and data and identifying the opportunities that can drive improved performance. This results in a comprehensive roadmap on ways that you can improve your content to drive improved results.

Below I’ve put together five ways that content intelligence helps you gain more marketing results.

  • Perfect your target audience

By leveraging the data and insights that content intelligence provides, brands can get a better understanding of their buyers’ current pains, challenges, and preferences, and the factors that will help in getting them to convert.

  • Leverage new targets and offerings

Now that you have more insights on your target customer you can also better identify new audiences that you may have missed out on in previous marketing campaigns. By understanding these new audiences, you can also analyze whether your brand needs to consider additional services or products.

  • Improve brand content

One of the greatest benefits of content intelligence is its ability to provide marketers with the right strategy/plan for creating more relevant content that attracts and engages customers and prospects. By having this advantage, you can build relationships with current and potential customers – which is key to increasing leads, traffic, and sales.

  • The right audience at the right time

Although having the right content is important, it only works if you’re not getting to your audience at the right time. Content intelligence can give you the strategy to develop the right content and ensure that you are delivering messaging at the most ideal times to encourage conversions.

  • Learn how to convert

You have the right content and the right audience, but how can you offer the right incentives to convert potential buyers into confirmed sales? Through a content intelligence platform, you can identify which customer behaviors lead to conversions and why. With this knowledge, you can share the right promotions and incentives at the right phase in the customer journey.

Based on the insights and data that are captured from content intelligence, marketers can feel confident that their driving results by providing customers with personalized content that meets their needs along the customer journey.

Whether you decide to use a content intelligence platform or find other ways through AI to create a content strategy, it is an approach that helps marketers drive results.

There are still more insights that content intelligence can provide. In my next piece, I’ll share five additional ways on how content intelligence can help identify brand ambassadors, measure ROI and more.