It’s the holiday season and with everyone packing their schedules (and their bags) for vacation, you need to start marketing to prospects in advance. A campaign that starts early can end early, leaving everyone with enough peace of mind until they hit their desks again next year.

However, won’t it be hard enough with retailers using greeting-card style emails to compete for your prospect’s inbox? Not to mention, you got other B2B competitors to worry about when they may be filling up their schedules as well. Finally, there’s also the ever present risk of promotion overstepping its place in a time when people need to take from it all, buying and selling. But while the last point makes it just a bit harder to market anything at all, the best thing you can do is try and stand out from the greeting cards.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday B2B Marketing

  • Be Prominent. If the email doesn’t contain a clear message, it will always get lost or ignored. (It doesn’t help when most of the competition ends up sending the same junk either.) Do something to your email copy that can make it fun and avant-garde. As a start, break off from traditional campaign templates that were used last year. It can give a lasting impression on the customer.
  • Plain, Simple, and Straightforward. Readers tend to spend only a few seconds on your email. Edit your copy with the intention of answering the questions of what, why, how, and other possible ways they will demand to know your relevance. Remember, people are short on time during the holidays so make the most of those few seconds they’ll be giving your message attention!
  • Go social and share. Facebook and Twitter are just some social networking sites that can spread information like wildfire. Tie-in your email marketing campaign with your social media announcements to further increase a customer’s expectation of your message. Get them involved even before you start refining your email list (or better yet, use your social media interactions to help spot more prospects).

With all the rush associated with the holidays, it is tempting to just pull up a rehashed template and start blasting your subscribers. But just like any rush, your message is just going to get lost in the pile of greeting cards that everyone else has been sending.