Hiring a copywriter for your B2B website? Don't make this common mistake now that will cost you leads and sales down the road.

Planning a website refresh?

If you’re like many marketers, you may not think about hiring a B2B website copywriter until you get a few key tasks out of the way. You may have a website strategy in place and a wireframe complete. You may even be well into the design process.

By the time you start the search for a copywriter, your launch date may be fast approaching.

I’ve had B2B marketers reach out to me and say, “I need copy for 20 pages before we launch in three weeks.”

Well …

That’s not going to happen.

Not if you want copy that resonates with your target audience.

Why Rushed Copy Doesn’t Deliver Results

High-converting copy is based on research and data, not on guesswork.

If you’re off to a late start, your B2B website copywriter will need to scramble to meet your deadline. They won’t have enough time to dive deep into your audience’s personas and problems.

The tighter your deadline, the less likely your website copy will resonate with B2B buyers. If you want your site to engage high-quality leads, your copywriter needs to perform in-depth research, such as:

  • Reviewing your voice-of-customer data, such as testimonials and survey results.
  • Conducting surveys or customer interviews if you don’t already have this data.
  • Reviewing your website analytics and heat maps to see how visitors currently interact with your site and where you have opportunities to boost conversions.
  • Interviewing you and your internal subject matter experts, such as sales reps, to gather the information needed for your product pages.
  • Becoming familiar with your buyer personas.
  • Checking out what your competitors are doing.
  • Getting acquainted with your brand and messaging.
  • Looking through any other relevant background information.

So, How Long Does This Take?

If you already have survey results, testimonials, and other voice-of-customer data, your copywriter might get up to speed in one-two weeks.

If you don’t have this information, and your copywriter needs to collect it on your behalf, the research phase can take three weeks to a month.

Yes, that sounds long.

But you can’t skip this step.

If you’re short on time and go straight into writing copy, you’ll be throwing random stuff at the wall and hoping that it resonates.

Your website is the linchpin of your entire marketing strategy. All of your customers will visit your site and read your copy at some point.

It’s worth taking a few extra weeks to develop messaging that delivers long-term ROI.

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