b2b leads

A few decades ago, nobody paid attention to the Internet. People will just cast it aside like it was just another fad waiting to be dissolved. However, these people thought wrong; the World Wide Web has grown exponentially. So large, in fact, that it can be equated to that of another universe in itself.

With this boom in using on-line means for practically almost everything, some procedures has been made obsolete. Therefore the question for today is, has the Internet made b2b leads generation telemarketing antiquated?


Before, b2b telemarketing has been widely used as a primary means for generating interests from a targeted business audience. Today, there is now multiple on-line methods to getting these requirements, namely:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • On-line newsletters
  • E-mail marketing

So where does this leave b2b telemarketing? Again, many companies consider this as an obsolete method for marketing. However, they should not yet discard the fact that it is still a useful method for leads generation.


With b2b telemarketing, speed and precision targeting are the names of the game. The World Wide Web has little methods that are fast enough when it comes to getting in touch with targeted prospects. Things like doing web chat may be fast and direct, but there are times that Internet connections are so unreliable. There are lags, and even disconnection issues that can come from time to time.

Telephone marketing is fast, direct, and is more reliable than connections supplied by Internet service providers. If there are any disconnection issues, it is easy to reconnect with the prospect as there is only minimal troubleshooting involved.

The beauty of telemarketing for b2b leads generation is the pace that you get when contacting targeted prospects. On average, a cold call will last at around three to five minutes at a time. If one plans to call prospects on an eight-hour work day, then they can call at an average of 150 businesspeople on that day.


True, in this category the Internet overpowers telemarketing by a long shot. The difference between the two is that you can immediately gauge if the prospect is interested or not. Waiting periods can be reduced to a significant degree, thus shortening the sales process. Opportunities will not be wasted as the time it takes to move on to the next point of contact is decreased.

Businesses can either pick one of the two options laid out to them for their marketing campaign. Measuring the success of b2b leads generation can fall under the subject of a company’s current finances and resources. Decision makers should choose well to get the best results for their business.

If choosing one is such a hassle, there is another option wherein businesses can try and mix the two marketing processes together to create a more powerful marketing campaign. One thing is for certain, telemarketing for b2b leads is certainly not obsolete.

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