Rejections from your sales leads prospects can be a big blow to your B2B telemarketing efforts, but you have to admit that this is the reality that many software companies have to face every day. Yes, the market is expanding, but that is no assurance that you, as the software services provider, will be able to get a lot of B2B leads. That is because there are a lot of you in the same business as well. Competition is good, but only if you have something that your prospects need. Aside from that, you also need to make sure that you deliver excellent service all the time. Yes, there will be rejections, it cannot be helped. It is how you handle that makes all the difference. The question here is this: how will you do it?

Consider things rationally – when you get a ‘no’ from potential sales leads, do not feel bad. Always remember that this is a rejection of your business, not you. Come to think of it, they may not be even rejecting you totally. There is the possibility that they would want to know more about your business. Figure out what their ‘no’ really mean, and you may be able to nail it.

Identify their dislikes – for business prospects that rejected you after presenting everything, you should seek a more specific reason why they are saying ‘no’. There are cases where a prospect rejected an offer only because of one small part of the package. If you can do away with it, then you might be able to save the sale. Just be sharp about it.

Figure out the ‘no’ – some B2b appointment setting specialists make the mistake of accepting the rejection immediately, not realizing that the underlying reason may just be a trivial matter. You should always keep in mind that, behind every ‘no’ that you get, there is the possibility of ‘yes’ that you have yet to uncover. Be specific, be inquisitive. That business deal could be yours.

Keep going with the tough ones – in any B2B lead generation campaign, there will always be business prospects that possess a pretty strong personality, the type of people whom you will have a very hard time to convince. But if you keep going, if you keep pursuing them, then you might be able to convince them that you mean business.

Collect the rejected ones – they might prove to be useful for your future sales campaigns. Software and IT needs change over time, and if you can offer them something good, then you might be able to make a sale happen.

Fix you closing – the closing is the most important part of your B2B telemarketing process. If you cannot make it impressive or memorable enough, then you reduce your chances of make a sale or a deal to happen. You better polish up your act at this point.   Getting rejected in your B2B telemarketing campaign can be handled, you just need to know how.

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