‘Reconstruction of the Acropolis and Areus Pagus in Athens’ by Leo von Klenze

I recently read an article flying back from vacation published in American Way written by Adam Pitluk.

The article talks about this idea of being a ‘Golden Age thinker’ — essentially meaning you think a different time period is better than the one you’re living in.

Oddly enough as I’m leaving a week long relaxing beach trip and heading back to the daily grind, this idea of thinking back to simpler times is exactly the mindset many marketers struggle with today.

I’ve heard at trade shows from fellow marketers, “I wish we could go back to the days of printing a bunch of catalogs, passing them out, and saying we did our job.”

Okay, so how are you proving ROI?

Where’s the data to ensure your message is actually resonating with your target audience and leading to more sales?

This idea of sticking to or wishing to go back to simpler times as marketers is counter-effective.

Back in a previous article, we did the math on just how much a typical company is wasting on printed collateral. (Trust me, the numbers will make your knees buckle.)

If you think about it, the golden age of marketing is now.

Enterprise mobility and the marketing technology landscape has evolved so drastically in the past couple of years, that marketing software has thrusted itself into the leading way to communicate with customers.

So much so that organizations cannot simply rely on a simpler ‘Golden Age’ way of thinking that two or three pieces of marketing software will keep them competitive.

It’s mobile enterprise software that is changing the face of marketing today.

I want to dive into three specific reasons why a Golden Age marketer’s way of thinking will leave them and their company in ruins.

No control over the landscape

The number of variables are continuing to grow, and the speed at which we’re experiencing innovation makes it nearly impossible for marketers to keep up.

It’s hard not to laugh imaging a marketer can keep pace with their competitors without the help of mobile enterprise software.

No control over the customer

The Internet itself is such a vast medium for customers to absorb information, you can’t tell a customer how to interact with your organization.

Today, organizations need to adapt to interact with different customers using different means of mobile enterprise software.

No way to differentiate from competitors

Using the same standardized way of relaying your messaging is no way to stand out in the crowd.

Mobile enterprise software allows organizations to customize the way information is presented and shared with customers that previous marketing tactics can’t match.

Mobile enterprise software is golden

With today’s marketing technology, mobile enterprise software like B2B sales apps are what’s driving revenue, increasing sales rep productivity, and proving ROI.

Mobile enterprise software is truly making this an amazing time to be a marketer.

Take advantage of it!