In the most recent Revenue Masters webinar reviewing Marketo’s latest eBook, The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring, Andrew Spoeth, Sr. Program Marketing Manager at Marketo, shares the top things you should consider when improving lead scoring strategies at your company. Because there was a lot of ground to cover in the webinar, we had to cut out some slides. Here’s what you missed:

Getting Started with Lead Scoring:

Gather information with your sales team

  • Review past deals and current opportunities
  • Online activity log
  • Sales log

Determine your ideal target

  • Use relevant information
  • Explicit/Implicit attributes

Align sales and marketing objectives

  • Create the profile of an ideal customer
  • Define what constitutes a sales-ready lead
  • Establish a lead methodology (hot, warm, cold)
  • Determine a score threshold that indicate “sales-ready” lead
  • Assign lead score according to explicit data (demographic/BANT)

Select the score criteria

  • Over 50 demographic/explicit scores to consider
  • Over 200 behavior/implicit scores
  • Uncover unique behaviors that demonstrate clear buying intent

Deployment Optimization:

Pre-deployment optimization

  • Test scoring system with existing pipeline leads and opportunities
  • Make sure your ideal prospect profile equals or exceeds the threshold point to qualify them as sales-ready

Post-deployment optimization

Allow sales to control the score

  • Giving sales reps the power to recycle leads and alter scores will improve your scoring program and engender trust in scores being assigned
  • Provides additional insight into the accuracy of your scoring programs

To learn more, download the slides from today’s presentation below:

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