When you look at the genre of savvy, you can easily conclude that the entire tech industry ties to an almost prophetic vision of the future. Whether it’s Google Glass, smart cars, or holographic advertising, plenty of today’s innovations are reflected in film classics like Total Recall, Minority Report, and Wall-E.

Every enterprise tech company has as much potential to fulfill a sci-fi prediction or two. The question is, can it really boost demand and make it easier to generate ERP leads?

It actually depends on a lot of factors. Sure, some of the ideas posed in sci-fi seem incredible and revolutionary. What you shouldn’t forget is that it also provokes the harder questions of making these visions into a reality. Referencing this or that movie to explain the capacity of your technology could lead prospects to certain expectations. Are you prepared for either?

  • Consequences and effects – When the reference is made, did you take a deeper look at what a work of science-fiction explored regarding the effects and consequences of the technology? For example, Captain Nemo’s submarine. You’ll find 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea demonstrated every possible function an underwater vessel could perform, from combat to marine research. Today, all of these are realized by navies and scientists. If what you offer is something straight out of sci-fi, you have to take a closer look at what that bit of sci-fi had to say.
  • Compare with ‘reality’ – Of course, there are still varying degrees of differences between fiction and reality. For example, take the example of de-extinction. Remember Jurassic Park? Well, regardless of what possible havoc would occur, there hasn’t exactly been a successful attempt by real scientists to resurrect dead species. Similar situations where you bring something closer to reality should act as a sort of buffer to a prospect’s uncontrolled expectations.
  • The one making the reference – Sometimes it can be you noting the similarity to fictional technology while other times, it can be your prospect. This seems like a small detail but it actually tells you plenty of things in advance. It tells you what possible expectations a prospect might have. It can prompt you to look deeper to what the technology implied within the context of the story.

Many of the technologies we enjoy today have been glimpsed (at last in part) by the science-fiction of eras prior. But when your company performs the very act of fulfilling these little prophecies, you have a particular responsibility of acknowledging and understanding it as you qualify your ERP leads.