B2B telemarketing, professional telemarketing, cold callingOne of the hardest things to do for start-up companies is to bring in new clients. Because you are a start-up, it means you’re new. The only people who may recognize your company at first are your friends, and some people who accidentally stumble upon your website, but generally no one big at first. But in order for you to prosper, you are going to need customers. But just how do you even start generating sales leads?

A good answer to the question of how you can generate leads is to use B2B telemarketing. So how exactly does a new company benefit from something such as a phone call? The answer: people will hear from you. One of the single-most powerful tools in human existence is the “word of mouth”, and you can seriously capitalize on that when you use a medium such as the phone to get the word out about your company.

Since you are a new company, you may not have the capacity to perform calls on your own; all that personnel and equipment may just be a tad above your budget line. As such, you can turn to the alternative of hiring a third party B2B telemarketing services provider. Here are some ways for you to get the ball rolling with such an approach:

Find customers – start generating business leads.

When you employ professional telemarketing services, one of the things that is now open to you is lead generation. As a new company, you already know the role that leads play in the sales cycle; you need leads to be able to close sales. The more leads you have, the better your chances at getting a new client/customer.

The telemarketers that work for your company will be responsible for making calls to your target market and speaking with your prospects. Of course, this does not mean they do it unregulated. They will make calls during peak-hours when the chances of reaching the target prospect is highest, and they will base the course of the conversation on a call script that is provided and you have verified to be satisfactory for your calling campaign. The more people they call, the more people hear about your company. And the more that happens, the more leads they generate over the course of the campaign.

Invite your prospects to your event.

There are more ways than one to generate leads, and one of those ways is through using events. Is there a business convention in your area taking place anytime soon, or are you planning to hold your own little event? If you are, then you will of course want to invite people. The more guests, the more chances of getting leads, right? Cold calling does have its up-side, but so does it have a down-side. When making cold calls isn’t up your alley, then maybe event telemarketing is. Rather than generate leads through the phone, you can instead use the phone as a medium to invite your prospects to your event. You can take it from there and start generating new leads as the guests pour in, a good number of which were informed and invited through your efforts with telemarketing.

Get the big scoop – surveys.

A good move to make before launching a full-blown marketing assault is to take some time to research the preferences of your target market. So that you can make use of B2B telemarketing even further, you can employ phone surveys. Aside from just asking online, or even going door to door, you can now use the telephone to conduct quick and short surveys so that you can get an idea on what the market you are facing looks like. What do your prospects need? What do they want? Would they be willing to pay this much for a certain service? Questions like these can be easily asked and answered through the phone, not to mention you can do it from almost anywhere thus increasing your overall coverage area. Want to get the big scoop and understand your market further? Phone surveys are surely one way to help you in doing that.

B2B telemarketing helps in getting things started. When you are a start-up company that needs help in generating leads, or getting the word out about your brand, then rest assured that much can be accomplished through employing the services of trained professionals in the field of telemarketing.

Want to get the ball rolling and see results come in? Why not give it a shot.