i-741507_640A lead may be wanting to make a purchase — but do they want to buy from your brand? How you approach your potential customers is important for your conversion rates.

By creating meaningful relationships with your community and building trust you can open the doors for more interactions that generate interest in your products or services. Daily conversations and good research can help your brand understand the needs and desires of your target market.

Purchases based on trust save you from being turned away when presenting an offer. By simplifying your details and creating something of value at the right price you can help overcome objections.

Here are a few ways you can attract more customers to your business:

Making a sale comes through a good image for your personal brand, which is built over time through daily measurement and interactions.

  • Meet their needs – In order to get a prospect’s attention ask them ahead of time for 30 seconds of their time to learn whether your offer meets their needs, and then follow up with them. This could get your offer on the their minds enough for a pitch later.
  • Be one step ahead of the competition – Many times a lead may already have hired another brand for what you have to offer. Make a point of showing them how your product or service can be beneficial as well as affordable. Determine what unique value can be offered that is currently not being provided for them.
  • Break past the barriers – Sometimes a higher-up may have to make the final decision or at other times your prospect(s) may not have the right resources for a sale. Instead of seeing this as a final answer use these situations as opportunities to meet with other members of their organization or to offer them an incentive before making a final purchase decision.

With creative strategies, relationship building, and a good understanding of your niche your personal brand can improve your chances of making a sale even when it seems that your leads want to turn away. As more obstacles come decide to turn these into positive situations for both of you while nurturing your leads for the long term.