Talking about b2b lead generation for software sales leads, there are three things that need to be acquired before the start of the b2b marketing campaign:

  1. Business contact database
  2. Capital/Funding
  3. Marketing medium

Well if one looks at it, there are still a lot of other things to consider (i.e. sales and marketing people, expertise, etc). Nonetheless, these three will be the spearheading requirements for one’s b2b software lead generation campaign.

Acquiring the contact list and the capital can be considered the easier things out of the three items to be acquired. However, picking out the right marketing medium to work with can take some time (even a trial and error startup phase). During this time, many leads can be acquired and stolen by competitors.

In order to have a speedy but productive b2b lead generation campaign for software companies, here are some top tips to aid you in your marketing endeavors:

  1. Attending trade shows

    Get into participating trade shows. This is where you can get visibility for your software products. Though visibility can be achieved, advertising through the use of trade shows yields results that are similar to promoting through television advertisements. It means that there is a chance of yielding sales leads with little quality. This is due to the attendees of these trade conventions are the recommenders and influencers of target companies instead of their decision makers.

  2. Email blasting

    Though being used by many, email blasting is still one of the underused methods for generating more leads for software companies. Many will think that these emails will just go straight to one’s spam inbox or even straight to their digital trash bin. However, if the email is with good title and an even better content then rest assured that your electronic letter will get noticed by your targeted prospects.

  3. Internet ads

    If you really want to get visibility for your software products to a global audience, you can opt for purchasing ad spaces to various popular websites. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even the all powerful and even popular search engine that is Google all have ad spaces that you can rent for standard packages. Doing so will allow your products to gain maximum visibility with an even more targeted approach as compared to making television or radio advertisements.

  4. Professional telemarketing services

    When businesspeople hear the word ‘outsourcing’, many will quiver in either fright or disgust (or even both). Let’s expand the mind here a little; many people outsource their services but they just don’t think about it too much as ‘outsourcing’. For instance, if you need a plumbing job, who do you call? Exactly the same as in needing professional cold calling services, you contact the aid of professional telemarketers.

These are but four of the many useful methods that you can use for generating qualified leads for your software products. What’s your choice among the stated marketing methods?