The Four Main Challenges to B2B Marketing

If you are an executive of a B2B enterprise, you always strive to apply the best methods for keeping the business profitable. Correct?

In the long run, however, fulfilling revenue expectations comes under the direct influence of marketing. The number of qualified leads generated determines the profit margins, so it is vital for marketers to focus on maintaining an ever productive marketing arm – which is affected by several recurring problems.

These problems include:

1. Targeting – An important principle in B2B marketing has always been that identifying the right decision makers can lead to the creation of highly engaging messages. But suppose you already know who it is you are going to engage. How likely is it that they are going to buy into your offers? You can’t know for sure unless you construct your messaging around the very demographic you are targeting. But even that is a challenge in itself.

2. Lead Generation – What are the most effective channels for a B2B lead generation campaign? Any veteran will tell you to start off with telemarketing since it has always been a useful means for influencing one’s audience since the 70s. On the other hand, millennials are pushing for further adoption of social media. Eventually, you’ll be under constant pressure to implement a multi-channel strategy.

3. Data reporting – Another challenge that gets in the way is analytics and data reporting. At least half of all B2B marketers see say they have trouble trying to coincide their numbers with real-world results. This is essential when you want to attribute your conversions to a specific channel and identify areas for improvement in your marketing strategy.

4. Lead qualification – Once upon a time, marketing and sales refused to get along because they just couldn’t agree on a universal definition for “qualified lead” – and they’re still at it. This has led to numerous instances of failed conversions, requiring a better system that satisfies both departments.

Much for the way they impact your marketing and sales, these problems are relatively easy to resolve. It doesn’t take much to employ a B2B lead generation company anyway.

For sure, you can’t handle your marketing on your own. At least by outsourcing your campaign, you can save yourself a bit of energy from optimizing your lead management process, research and analytics. Moreover, letting a contractor capture the leads allows for more space for directing your sales reps toward producing conversions.

This post originally appeared at Sales and Marketing Solutions