The Four Kinds Of Lead Generation Managers You Could Be

When it comes to B2B lead generation, it is always important to consider the kind of business manager that you can become. This can make all the difference in helping your team to generate more B2B leads. You see, the kind of marketing team you have is greatly influenced by the kind of manager you are. Your team will not be able to function well if you, as their manager, approach the task of finding and nurturing sales leads in an entirely different way than they expect.

Now, there are many kinds of business managers that you can become effective in, butknowing the four most basic kinds can help you identify your strengths better. And here they are below:

    1. The Director – this type of manager is someone who prefers to take control, someone who typically goes direct to the point, steps into the spotlight, and leads the team from there. This person naturally moves to a position of power, one who a little bit formal with his subordinates. But do not mistake him for someone who is stuffy and stickler to the numbers and b2b appointment setting processes. He knows how to set goals, and he always makes sure that these can be accomplished.
    2. The Planner – unlike the Director, this type of manager is pretty muchintroverted and is less comfortable stepping into the spotlight. The Planner is someone who is more concerned about the journey in reaching marketing goals, rather than discussing about the goal itself. They would plot out their steps, analyzing each part. They would also, normally, go and directly consult with the people concerned regarding the plans. And since these people are very meticulous in their planning, they tend to despise surprises and have little tolerance for less than stellar marketing or appointment setting performance.
    3. The Analyst – this is the kind of manager who really never steps out in the spotlight. When it comes to identifying trends and unlocking potential sources of new sales leads, the Analyst will be among the first to arrive. Such managers prefer interacting with their subordinates on smaller scales, avoiding the need for big confrontations in the first place. Before they make a decision, they want to make sure that all the data is in their hands for analysis. Typically, this is good for making plans, but the downside of this is that it takes a long time to get a decision done.
    4. The Mover – basically, they are the soul and life of the office landscape. This is the type of manager who understands the need to get everyone on board for new management or marketing policies, like a new telemarketing process and the like. They want to excite every member of the team, and are often so focused on this task that they tend to forget about planning for reaching the goals itself.

Now that you are aware of the four types of manager that you can be, which of these do you think will fit you well? Remember, this will influence how your B2B lead generation team will respond to the market.

This content originally appeared at Callbox Blog.