The use of video marketing has rapidly increased. Once considered complex and expensive, video is rapidly finding its way into the BtoB marketing mix. Here are the five elements of effective BtoB video.

The Power of a Meaningful Message
The first element to ensure success in your BtoB video is the planning of your message. Figuring out exactly what to say and how to say it needs to be done long before you step in front of a camera. Scripting, not “winging it,” is the way to go.

Video is unforgiving and viewers have little patience for digging for information – they want it handed to them and quickly. Unless you are seasoned, on-air talent, “winging it” typically results in a rambling video. In a best-case scenario, this means much more post-production work to produce a crisp video – but often it nets you an unproductive, ineffective video that viewers will quickly move past.

I Bet You Think This Video is About You, Don’t You?
The second element of an effective BtoB video is the idea that it’s not all about you. When creating a video, ask the question, “Why should the viewer care?”

Here are a few sure-fire ways to ensure your video is focused on the viewer:

  • Include a real customer interview in the video or make the whole thing a video testimonial
  • Make a video about a common customer pain-point or benefit and give tips on how to alleviate the pain
  • Introduce a real-life customer situation in the video

By placing someone like your targeted viewers into the video, you make it more relevant, engaging and ultimately a better showcase for your company.

Let’s Be Real 
The third element is authenticity. You’re not producing an infomercial; you’re producing relevant and useful content… so don’t get carried away with Hollywood-style production techniques. In today’s world, gritty not glitzy is likely to be better received by viewers. That said, you still need to keep things polished and professional, and the content compelling. Remember, steak – not sizzle – is what BtoB buyers are hungry for.

Wait, What’d You Say?
Let’s face it, attention spans among everyone – especially those in the “now” generation – are limited. As the fourth element to success, simplicity and brevity will win you viewers. A concise, crisp message delivered within a 90-second to 2-minute timeframe is a recipe for success.

Five Elements of an Effective BtoB Video

If your topic is too complex to cover in such a short span, consider breaking it into short segments. Choose one simple topic and perfect it within each segment. Viewers would rather watch three short videos versus one long video.

Spread the Viral Video
At last it is time to unleash your video. The point of adding videos to your BtoB marketing mix is to spread your message to as many viewers as possible. The fifth element is to optimize your videos so they are “search-friendly” and available to viewers anytime and anywhere.

To successfully optimize your video for search, we recommend you:

  • Host your videos on YouTube to reach the largest video viewing audience
  • Craft strong titles and descriptions that include keywords but are written for humans – not search engine spiders
  • Associate a text transcript with your videos, so Google, Bing and other search sites can index your videos
  • Consider using a mass-upload service like if you want to reach a wide audience

But don’t stop there: BtoB videos can be used a variety of ways, including:

  • In sales presentations
  • As blog content
  • Shared via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Shown at a tradeshow or event
  • Run on a monitor in your lobby

Creating video is less expensive and easier than ever before. But remember that video is only a tool, not a marketing strategy. What makes or breaks the success of videos in the BtoB marketing world is the planning and preparation. Like painting a room, most of the work is in the preparation, and the devil is in the details. Follow these tips and you can create compelling, informative and, yes, lead-generating videos that spread your message and spark sales.