5183646214_0d67a41841It’s not a secret that marketing is critical to driving brand awareness and sales, and essentially a company’s success. But when it’s all said and done, is your company actually making the most of its marketing efforts?

Below we offer five tips – tips that we can personally attest to driving success! – for effectively marketing your business.

  • Get social – Around this time last year, Forrester reported that 81% of US adults with an Internet connection use social media in some form or function. If you still haven’t committed to including social media in your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build relationships.
  • Mix it up – Different outlets reach different audiences, so don’t focus all of your marketing efforts on one platform. Mix traditional and social marketing methods: integrate your website, advertising efforts and press releases with social tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even more importantly, promote your marketing efforts cross-platform (ex: re-work a press release into a blog post, share stories mentioning your company on Faccebook and Twitter, etc.)
  • Engage your audience – Twenty first century marketing is all about building relationships. In fact, research has shown over 50% of fans and followers of a brand say they are more likely to buy from and/or recommend that brand than before they were engaged. Ask questions, encourage customers to share their experiences and solicit feedback. Furthermore, respond to each response and encourage conversation.
  • Stay on top of industry trends – If you can position yourself as an industry thought leader, you’ll gain your customer’s trust and respect. Read relevant industry publications, join discussion groups (examples here could be your industry’s professional association or LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community) and discuss the topics you come across in your marketing efforts.

What other tips would you offer? If you have a suggestion worth sharing, I’d love to hear it.

This post originated at Madison Electric Products.