Digital businesses are becoming more and more popular than ever. Almost every organization, regardless of size and nature of the business, is making the most effort of space online space. Companies that were never available digitally are now trying their best to establish their online presence. As the number of people who can be reached through online medium is increasing exponentially, companies should also have a good online or digital presence. Not only the B2C but also B2B businesses are expanding their digital presence. That is because more and more people have access to the internet now, and that number will only increase. However, there is a decent amount of competition in the digital space as well.

Rise in competition

Digital space is becoming extremely competitive. ECommerce brands have to have something extra. Especially, the B2B eCommerce sites need to have something extra or the x-factor to differentiate them from all their competitors. Just having an eCommerce site or presence is certainly not enough. Ecommerce firms need to be unique or should be different from others. Also, companies might want to choose the best search engine to build and market the site.

Listed below are a few of the top ways that to make your B2B eCommerce site more attractive, successful, and useful:


It is the main thing! These days, the number of mobile users or smartphone users is increasing immensely. Therefore, B2B companies need to build a responsive site. Though most of the latest eCommerce platforms allow you to make responsive sites still the B2B businesses need to make sure that they have specially integrated responsiveness. Also, the site needs to be apt for mobile app users. Therefore, you may want to play a little bit with the user interface and the user experience to make the eCommerce site more smartphone users friendly.

Call to Actions

There is no way we can let go of the importance of the CTAs or the call to actions in an eCommerce site. Even in the B2B sites, the CTAs are extremely important. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that every B2B business owner should try its best to include as many appropriate and useful CTAs as they can. CTAs drive sales, thus, every site owner or designer should plan to add many interesting buttons or clicks to persuade action from the visitors or the existing customers.

Safe Payment Gateway

In a B2B business, the payments are often much higher. Thus, B2B businesses need to have a safe and secure payment gateway. You will find a lot of payment gateway options, however it is extremely important to add an extremely secure payment gateway to the eCommerce sites. Compare all the options that you may have to choose the best payment gateway for your site. There are so many options to choose from.

Now, there are a lot of players in the payment gateway field. So B2B site owners have a lot of options for sure. It is always recommended to compare a list of payment gateways to find the best ones. You may have to compare all the features they offer, how easy they are to integrate and use etc. But, most importantly, safety should be on the top of the list.

B2B Specific Features

A B2B site is different from a B2C site. Just like the business that they do is different, the look and appeal of the site have to be different as well. A B2B site has to be designed specifically for business users. The target audience of the site is business users. Therefore, the design, layout, style, etc. of the site has to appropriate for the business users. Also, you might want to do a bit of research on what business people like to explore more often.

Based on that you want to add special features to your site. Also, you can get a more revenue lead. Therefore, you would have to customize the site for the visitors. Although, the customization and personalization might not be as persuasive or loud as in a B2C site. Keeping in mind the audience, you might want to make the site way more interesting.


Most importantly, the experience that the visitor will get from your site will matter. Business users may not have a lot of time to spend on your site. Therefore, you should focus on integrating the site in such a way that the visitors have to spend lesser time in getting what they want to get. The experience of the site will play a major role. Thus the site has to be developed keeping in mind the experience that it will offer to business users. Quicker navigation, less content, better graphics might be some of the ways to help the eCommerce site get more traffic or more leads and business through the site.

Apart from the features listed above, there are so many other things that are almost mandatory to make any B2B site more interesting. For example, the sites need to be attractive as well. Also, the placement of the products and the navigation has to be specifically done for the B2B users. If all this is done appropriately, there is no doubt about the fact that your eCommerce site will be quite successful!