Innovation is sitting in your voicemail, inbox and LinkedIn in-mail

Isn’t it time you responded?

Do a Google search on buyer’s journey statistics and you’ll find almost 500,000 articles sharing statistics about how the buyer’s journey has changed. Your results probably look something like this:

Innovation is sitting in your voicemail, inbox and LinkedIn Inmail

If you believed all these stats, you would come to the conclusion that sales should just pack it in and call it a day. You’d think that buyers can do all the work on their own and salespeople have become an unwanted distraction that sits between the buyer and their ultimate decision.

Some may say a salesperson is a dinosaur. It’s true, the role of the salesperson has changed, but it’s not dying – it’s evolving.

Why you shouldn’t believe the buyer’s journey hype

Citing stats is too easy. It’s too easy for executives to read consulting company reports and convince themselves they must change their approach or die. However, the companies that will truly change your trajectory are not always big consulting firms, and they aren’t likely household names. The technologies that can give you a competitive advantage may not even be on your radar. So, as a buyer, think about these issues related to innovation:

  • Buyers don’t always realize they have a problem – they just accept the status quo because they know no other way.
  • Innovation happens fast – buyers aren’t always aware of the latest technologies and trends.
  • Buyers are often too busy to self-educate on new technologies, new processes, new methods of accomplishing goals that did not exist months or years before.
  • Innovative companies can’t just sell their product – they must also educate buyers on “the new way.”

At KiteDesk, we experience this issue each and every day. The companies we work with are market creators. They are building products for the future. They are solving problems their buyers don’t yet realize they have. They are disrupting the status quo; and therefore, causing a glitch in the buyer’s journey matrix.

Leaders need to realize the products

that will give them a competitive advantage are not

something they will ever find in a Google search.


Because, you get the same results as everyone else.

Bye-bye, competitive advantage.

Hello, level playing field.

Want to win? Accept Interruptions

It’s 2016 and my message to leaders who want to make an impact is: answer your inbound calls from SDRs from companies you know nothing about. Do your research on TechCrunch to see what companies are getting funded. Check out landscape graphics of emerging industries, like this:

Innovation is sitting in your voicemail, inbox and LinkedIn Inmail

The companies that are working to get your attention are doing so because they know:

  • You aren’t looking for them.
  • Inbound won’t work until there is a more defined market need.
  • There is a lot at stake, and they will do everything to get your attention.

If you are an SDR reading this, don’t stop trying. This article may help you open a few doors.

Buyers, if a company is investing resources to reach you, there is a damn good reason why. Usually, the reason is because there is a huge market opportunity they are addressing. Do yourself a favor and answer your email, respond to your voicemails, and reply to LinkedIn Inmails. Your next most important competitive advantage may be waiting on the other side.

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