Stuck in a rut?

global business developmentBoredom….”one of the least recognized and most underrated hazards of company building” writes Inc editor @BoBurlingham in Small Giants.

Yesterday was a Monday…Since you own a business or help run one, you probably don’t have the work week blues as if you were just slogging through the week to log the hours in exchange for a paycheck.

Nevertheless, as time passes, nearly every business becomes a little mundane.  Sure there are some folks who say they love going to work every day.  More power to them.  My guess is that they’re the ones who are solving big challenges in creative ways for diverse clients on a regular basis.  Even though their role remains consistent, their work actually is constantly different.  But in most businesses, after a while you’ve deftly handled the typical complaints; you’ve nailed exciting deals so often the rush is slightly diminished; the highs and lows of personnel management start to blur and the money?  Sure you can always use more, but you’re not terrified of satisfying your personal guarantees any more.  Net net…business gets a little boring.

Growth (company & ego?)

So what do you do to keep it engaging?  Burlingham’s research indicates that many folks pursue aggressive growth (for growth’s sake) including acquisitions and other strategies that introduce undesirable side effects – often compromising the company culture that they have carefully nurtured. But there’s an alternative – carefully planned, strategically sound and properly executed global expansion can provide a bit of the growth rush, but more importantly foster the challenging, interesting and rewarding environment that makes business fun (OK….not every day, but generally.)  Global business development may be the answer.

Market entry, product localization, global channel development, international marketing and host of other elements are sure to get you back on the balls of your feet.

International sales

international business developmentHere’s the great part.  Undertaking this initiative is great for your business AND can put the spring back into your business step.

International business development offers a number of real business benefits including:

And those benefits are offset by far less risk and a much more manageable undertaking than most assume.

Let’s chat about your business, your goals and your impressions/concerns about global business development.  Maybe it’s a good fit for you and your company – maybe not.  If nothing else you’ll noodle a big, interesting topic that will make your business day a little different.

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