Easy Tips to Close B2B Website Leads

Always. Be. Closing.

Closing deals, especially during a pandemic, can take some finesse. Wouldn’t it be helpful if a successful business shared some insight?

Recently, we were recognized as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000! For Bop Design, that kind of acknowledgment comes with a level of responsibility to educate our B2B community. We are here to drop knowledge, share our insight, and give you the 411 on all things B2B marketing related.

Let’s get started with 3 easy tips to close B2B website leads:

Make the Process Easy

Your entire process, from filling out a form on your B2B website to scheduling a call should be as simple as possible.

As the prospect travels down your sales funnel and you get past the proposal stage, keep the momentum going and stay proactive. Send the potential client testimonials from a recent client or a link to your business’ online reputation platform before they ask. Introduce them via email to a recent client so they can set up a call and hear how awesome your company is firsthand.

The goal is to make the process as easy as possible for the potential client to get to a yes.

Always Bounce the Ball Right Back

Remember Four Square in grade school? Well, your sales process should abide by the same rules, always bounce the ball back to your prospect. In other words, make sure the ball is always in their court.

Your prospect has a question, you have an immediate answer. Even if your response is you need to investigate further or ask another department, make sure to respond within an hour to any prospect’s inquiry after the proposal stage.

Time is of the essence so respond immediately and close that deal!

Give an Incentive with an Expiration

When times get tough, the tough get more creative.

One tip we have had great success with is offering a slight discount with an expiration date attached. Everyone loves the feeling of getting a good deal, so why not use this to your advantage? Offering a 5% discount to incentivize closing by a specific date is beneficial to both parties, especially if you need to stager your onboarding process due to vacations or COVID concerns.

You get to close a deal; your new client gets to feel like they negotiated a better deal and you both end up winning.

We are here to help your B2B company grow and flourish during good and turbulent times. If you need input for a new sales strategy or an evaluation of your sales process, we want to be a resource for you.