Companies have a wealth of opportunities on Facebook. By setting up a company page they can target their audience, talk to them and keep them posted on the latest developments. Of course Facebook itself greatly benefits from the fact that companies are active on their platform. So they are well aware that it is important to give companies the knowledge of the possibilities out there. 

This is why Facebook set up a special page called “Facebook for Business“. On this page they give crispy tips on how companies can position themselves, to interact with their fans and develop campaigns.

Your company on Facebook 
The first steps are to create and setup a Facebook page for your company. It is important that this page reflects your identity and image. The minimum requirement is a “welcome” tab where people are tempted into clicking the “I like” button. You need to create a place where people can seek contact with your company, obtain knowledge of your products or services and give them an opportunity to like your business.

Engagement is key
Facebook is all about engagement. It’s the perfect platform to ask questions, share content and get exclusive insights into the needs of your audience. Are you developing a new product or organizing an event? Ask your Facebook fans for input. It is important that you ask questions and let your community know that their opinion matters! Try to create a dialogue. Adding a picture and keeping your messages short (max. 290 characters) will raise the response, guaranteed! Make sure you respond to questions or suggestions of fans.

Gain insight into how fans look at your page and make regular changes to improve it. It’s about all about your fans. 

Reach your target audience 
You have set up a page and are sharing interesting content. What now? Is your goal getting more fans? Than you could consider advertising. It’s a great way to get more likes and raise awareness. Another possibility is adding a contest. Make sure you communicate a clear call to action and don’t make it too difficult. Lead them to your Facebook page and let them like your page. This is a very effective way to get more fans. But keep in mind, this will not help you sell more! 

Take a look at Facebook for business and determine whether it is of interest for your company. Make sure that you have a strategy in place before you start making a page. Set your goals, and measure what works the best.

Good luck!