Running a successful business like mine, ClientsValley, puts a weight of responsibility on me – both for my clients and the people I love.

For my clients, we have to give our 110% to ensure they get the solution they desperately desire in their business. We have to work with them tirelessly and with a great deal of patience to make sure they get much more value than their investment.

For friends and family, I have to take the time to cater to their wellbeing. The way I love helping our clients achieve their desired transformation, that’s the same way I love looking out for my family – if not more.

Sometime in the Fall of 2015, I had to engage the services of a private detective, Tom, to help me unravel the mystery behind the death of a close relative of mine, Dennis.

That period was a very difficult period for me. Dennis had been found dead in his apartment at Gold River. The California Police Department had written it off as suicide, but I wouldn’t take any of that.

It took the private investigator to uncover the true reason behind his death.

Dennis was more of a friend to me than a cousin. We grew up together. Went to school together. The only thing we never shared was our girlfriends.

I knew him too well to believe he committed suicide.

However, 6 months before his death, we weren’t physically close. We only talked over the phone most weekends. Obviously, there was something happening in his life I wasn’t aware of.

He was secretly dealing with Crystal Meth.

As a result, he got himself into the bad books of some Californian drug cartels. They had him murdered and made it look like a suicide.

The rest is history…

My interest in this story isn’t about Dennis. It’s about Tom, the private detective that helped me that period.

Tom had a private investigation outfit in California and he did quite well for himself. He commanded premium prices for his services and had tons of clients to show for it.

He had a team of highly skilled detectives that helped him deliver the kind of result he got for his clients.

Tom was damn good at what he did.

I dug deeper to know what made Tom a highly sought after private detective…

The things I learned from Tom, I’ve been able to share with some of my clients at ClientsValley ever since.

I discovered that there were three outstanding skills that helped Tom in his business. They were instrumental to the premium prices his clients paid for his services.

If you develop these skills you will be able to attract high-ticket clients to your business on a consistent basis.

Here we go…

1. Problem Solving

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You are not in business if there’s no problem you solve. The only reason your offer will make anyone check you out is that it promises a solution to their problem.

I actually came across Tom’s ad at the time that read, “Let’s Crack Your Murder Case – Even if the Feds Can’t”.

Read that again…

Tom made a very compelling statement about the solution he brought for his clients. He stated the problem he would help me solve. That was what I needed at the time. After all, the California PD had done what they could and I wasn’t satisfied.

I needed someone to help me solve the mystery surrounding Dennis’ death. And I didn’t hesitate to reach out to Tom for help.

Notice something else in Tom’s compelling statement…

He was specific about the problem he helped his clients with.

If he just said, “Let’s crack your case…” it probably wouldn’t have caught my attention.

“A case” is a universal set with so many subsets. It could be theft, fraud, abuse … the list goes on.

Tom stated it clearly that he only solved murder cases. And, that was exactly what he did.

The question now is; what specific problem do you help your clients solve?

If you’re able to figure this out, then you’re well on your way to attracting your most perfect kind of clients into your business.

  1. Attention to Details

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This is a very important skill you need to develop in your business. It affects everything you do – marketing, communications, sales closing, and all.

When I reached out to Tom, he was very thorough. He listened to me intently as I shared my problem with him. Even over the phone, I could feel his interest and attention was glued to what I was saying.

When he began asking questions, it was obvious he captured every tiny bit of detail I shared.

We were supposed to talk for 30 minutes. But the call lasted for a little over 50 minutes. He was patient and attentive to make sure he didn’t miss any detail.

Paying attention to details is one of the most difficult skills to hone – and this is not just among service professionals.

When you’re on the call with a potential client, you should know that it’s your last chance to turn them into clients.

The problem most times is that we treat sales calls as a timed coaching session. You’re overly conscious of how long you have to spend with the client.

This is wrong.

Sales calls should be about helping your client gain clarity enough to become a client. You can’t achieve this if you don’t pay attention to details.

If you hone this skill effectively, your percentage of success in lead conversion will shoot up.

  1. Positive Mindset

You can’t really command premium prices and consequently attract high-ticket clients, if you have the wrong mindset.

When it comes to high-ticket selling, your mindset is your most important asset. It finds expression more when you get on the phone with a potential client.

When Tom told me his price on the phone, the next thing he said was quite interesting.

He said, “We’ll get you the evidence you need, you won’t remember you paid this much.”

Can you confidently convince your clients that they’ll get great value for their investment in you – or more? This, of course, is without sounding “salesy” or pushy.

Fear and overwhelm are the greatest challenges I’ve noticed that prevent business owners from getting the most ideal clients in their business.

It takes confidence to sell at high-ticket prices to premium clients.

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