Your B2B database is one of the most valuable resources you have as an organization, forming the foundation of the business relationships you create. However, viewed in isolation, your data gives you only half the picture. To get the most from your existing database, you need to understand who your best customers are, where they’re coming from and what they have in common.

The optimum way to achieve this is to carry out data cleansing, profiling, and analysis. Whether your data is 1) incomplete, inaccurate or even illegal, 2) you can’t identify your best targets, or 3) your campaigns are simply not cost-effective: cleansing, profiling and analysis will help you to remedy the pain you are facing.

While you can implement these actions yourself, it’s a good idea to partner with a B2B data consultancy. They will have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to make sure that nothing is missed and to help you take your B2B database to the next level. Essentially, they will put your data through a “health and fitness” routine that will leave it fighting fit.

Here at Marketscan, we use DataPro and DataPro+ to check, cleanse, enhance and expand our clients’ databases. These products provide a progressive range of easy-to-use solutions for clients wishing to improve and analyze their customer databases, without the need to have a detailed understanding of the processes involved.

Let’s look at what this involves in more detail.

How it works

Research has shown that users are often bewildered by the technical aspects of improving their B2B databases and many have neither the time nor the inclination to become involved in the processes required to clean and analyze their records. Therefore, the performance of their data remains substandard.

We created DataPro and DataPro+, in order to provide easily understood products that cleanse, legalize, analyze and profile a client’s customer database with minimum involvement on their part. These products, not available from our competitors, provide an opportunity for marketers of all skill levels to raise the standard of their in-house marketing database and see how its sales-generating potential can be exploited.

Cleaning, enhancing, legalizing and analytical routines are performed automatically, yielding a high performing database, with best customer profiles identified. The basic process is as follows:

  1. Data quality assessment
  2. Data cleansing and analysis
  3. Missing data added and best customers profiled
  4. Market penetration calculated
  5. Untapped contacts supplied
  6. Upgraded database returned


In one simple operation, DataPro provides more sales opportunities, less waste and lower costs, an enhanced company image, and improved ROI. In addition, we produce a detailed report of our findings, showing the improvements made to the data. The report includes profiles of your best customers, market penetrations and sizes of untapped markets.

DataPro+ takes the process even further and presents the client with a market share report. It also adds tailored selections for the supply of new data from Megabase. These selections are based on the best customer profiling results of the previous DataPro analysis and can be further refined by the use of other innovative tools, such as SmartMap and Market Modelling.