Create A Powerful Lead Generation Brand In Eight Steps

It can be hard to sell anything, you know, especially if you have to do all the promotions on a tight budget. That is why, for some entrepreneurs or sales managers, they cultivate a personal brand that resonates with their business, as well as attract the attention of potential sales leads.

strong personal brand acts as a powerful medium that facilitates the lead generation process. Think of Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc. or Richard Branson of Virgin Group. These men crafted a personal brand that lifted up their companies and helped generate more B2B leads for them. And you can do that, too. If you follow the outlined steps, then you will have a good start.

  1. Know your best personal assets – are you an entertainer by nature, an adventurer, a charismatic speaker? Every effective personal brand is always hinged on a personal quality of yours that attracts the attention of business prospects. Use that to the fullest in support of your campaign.
  2. Think of a memorable name – Richard Branson, again. Who can forget his Virgin Group of Companies, especially with that eye-catching first word in the title? A strong personal brand must come from what you intend to do, as well as the ability or asset in you that made you unique. You want people to come looking for you, so make it catchy and realistic well.
  3. Get some space online – this could take many forms. It could be a company blog page, a Facebook account, a Twitter handle, etc. With the way the online world is reshaping the market environment, you and your appointment setting team need to cover your bases well.
  4. Create a website – not only will this help add some semblance of credibility for your business, it is also so easy to make. Try using or These websites have good templates that you can use to build your own web page.
  5. Try automatic updating – of course, since you cannot just stay on your computer all day, you also need some way to update whatever online medium you are using to promote your business. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are just some tools that you can use for automatic updates on your Twitter or Facebook feeds.
  6. Share useful content – if there is anything that can give more credence to you and your company, then it has to be online content that is new, useful, as well as engaging to the audience. Try to be brief and useful, just the thing that a lot of people need when they search for answers online.
  7. Ask for reliable feedback – while you are creating a personal brand for your business, try asking people you trust about the appropriateness of your image. This can help keep you focused on your brand development.
  8. Stay real – that is the one rule you should never forget. As long as you stay true, your customers will stick with you.

Of course, it never hurts to use other marketing tools to help your business, like email or telemarketing. The more varied your promotional tools are, the wider the reach of your personal brand.

This content originally appeared at Sales and Marketing Solutions Blog.