“We are based in abc and believe in solid working relationships. Our president is educated and trustworthy . . .”

“We began in 1849 after the Gold Rush as a family operation and today are traded on the NASDAQ blah blah blah.

“Our products are xy, cost z dollars, which is a ground-breaking bargain, and are great for whom or whatever…”

Well ho hum. Isn’t that just dandy?football playbook

Boilerplate “about us” web pages and “mission statements” have infiltrated the internet since about 2007 like digital Bubonic Plague.

Many established organizations cannot or do not retain a Madison Avenue agency to produce monumental catch phrases and compelling messages about themselves.

For everything else, there is Mastercard or Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, for example.

Especially if a product is more complex to explain than a hot dog stand, dentistry or tax preparation . . . even if product X is superior in reality, perception is all that matters enough to make phones ring.

Everyone is campaigning on internet and hiring “e-experts” to manipulate social web sites with hash tags to attract business because it requires a relatively small investment of time and capital.

Side note: Did you know I give my clients a copy of Google’s published guide to SEO and online advertising best practices?

End of the day, technology removes barriers to entry in numerous sectors. Grant it, few can produce insulin or guidance navigation systems, but I am referring to the masses. You have this influx of “widget” products and services saturating markets in several industries.

Whether an organization engages other organizations or individual consumers, communicators have the attention span of a four year-old to work with in leaving a favorable impression on a web page.

Nobody cares . . . until a legitimate messagesans the hype and big promisesasks them to care.

Get someone working for you who does one thing well: articulate complex concepts into information that engages a target-specific audience. A simplified approach enlisting the efficient Socratic Method used in industrial engineering for decades by Toyota Motor Corporation works nicely.