A large number of companies that focus on marketing their goods or services to consumers may not be aware that what they offer would also attract elements of a Business-to-Business (B2B) market.

Many companies who don’t see their potential to expand into the B2B field are not aware because of their concentration on how to attract consumers.

Companies that can target both include office supply retail stores, computer and software manufacturers and retailers, communications companies, laundries, lawn care companies, automobile manufacturers and dealers, security firms, cleaning services, and more.

Once a company is aware that they have potential for breaking into a new market, then they go about it using the same marketing ideas they employ targeting the B2C market. However, the tools that you use to penetrate one market may not be useful for another market. Moreover, tools that can be used to penetrate both markets may have to be used differently.

Content Marketing and B2B

Companies concentrating on the B2C market have learned that content marketing is a good way to attract attention. No doubt, if such companies attempt to expand into the B2B field, they will use content marketing to do it. After all, it worked well attracting consumers?

However, as Ian McGrath points out in his blog titled How to do effective marketing in the B2B industry, content marketing used to attract B2B buyers can be complex. As someone new to the field, you have to convince businesses to come to you rather than to a competitor they are more familiar with. The article concludes that content marketing to the B2B market is a long-term game. It may take more than 20 articles before you experience some success.

Jonha Revesencio, in her article titled 3 Strategies to Help on Your B2B Marketing, points out that you can use content marketing to establish yourself and your company as an expert in a field. Connect your skill and knowledge to the product or service you offer to achieve this. For example, if you operate a security business, then your content marketing can include articles on security problems focused on in the news and what can be done to minimize them.

Revesencio adds that community involvement should be an essential part of B2B marketing because potential clients can be swayed by the reputation your company establishes.

Market With a Purpose

 Don’t become your own worse enemy when it comes to marketing. Jonha Revesencio penned another article titled Marketing Misconceptions: What You Need to Stop Doing Now in which she cautions that you don’t go overboard with your marketing.

First, realize that you can’t do everything and consider outsourcing the creation of your content.

Second, it’s not necessary to spend your entire marketing budget. When you do spend money on ads or content, track performance. That allows you to monitor return on investment, sales, whether or not you’re targeting the right market, and more. If things aren’t performing well, make adjustments.

Third, consider ways to get your content out for free. For example, develop your own content heavy website, encourage visitors to subscribe to your own newsletter, and guest write blogs on other websites.

Finally, don’t focus your efforts on everyone and everything. Instead, target a specific market and create content that caters to their specific interest.