To say the least, cold-calling is one of those tasks that telemarketers either love or hate; it can sometimes get frustrating, yet the difficulties are easily snuffed out because there wasn’t any established relationship to begin with.

But if it does get into your nerves, what you need to do is to open your mind to other reasons why it’s not working out. In B2B telemarketing, it’s not always about how good you are as a telemarketer of how enticing your product or service is.

Sometimes, it’s a pre-determined factor that you could only accept and solve:

You may be “bothering” your prospects
Take a look at you calling schedule – is it at a reasonable time of the day? Also, refine you gatekeeper strategy. What is the degree of persistence once you are told that the prospect is busy? It could be that while your telemarketing skills are okay, but your timing is wrong.

Your prospect doesn’t take sales calls
Now this is something that you should not push. Business people are quite serious when it comes to sales call policies, and putting up a fight might end up unpleasant. Instead, focus on alternatives: go for email, content and mobile.

You lack information
Cold calls should not be 100% cold. You should at least have an idea what kind of company you’re calling and who you need to speak to. Going in completely blind can reduce the likeability of you going anywhere.

Your prospect has no use for the product or service being pitched
From the moment you let them know what you’re calling about, the entire conversation could be dead on arrival if they don’t have any real interest with anything your company represents. Re-energize you opening spiel, and just maybe, you can still change the atmosphere.

The gatekeeper is a pro
Gatekeepers are usually people who are “chosen” to filter callers. That means they have what it takes to effectively do their job. The bad news is that they specialize in cold-callers, and they can smell them from miles away. The good news is that cold-calling is not the only lead generation method out there.

They know your company, and they don’t like it 
In this age of digital information, news can spread like wildfire. Prospects would always have prejudices when it comes to business choices, but don’t let this be a reason to quit before you even get started. Think of it as an opportunity for redemption.

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