For B2B professionals and sales reps, March seems like another one of those months with a lot of “average days.” But for college students, it’s party time because spring break is coming their way.

What’s the big deal right? You got meetings to go, leads to qualify, sales to make… It’s not like your 20 anymore and not everybody’s Mark Zuckerberg. On the bright side though, certain B2B markets are more active during vacation periods like Spring Break. If your business caters to any of these, now would be a good time to start a campaign and provide them with the services they might need to make the most of spring break.

  • Hotels and restaurants – The first obvious choice. Beach resorts and bars are staples for the spring break experience. It makes sense then that these same establishments are getting ready to book plenty of university party animals. Services like janitorial or food supply might be in demand.
  • Universities – Don’t be fooled. It’s true that there won’t be a lot of activity during this period. Prior to it however, teachers and administrators could be in preparation as well. Records, schedules, and final submissions can spark needs for data management technology. Why not start fanning it early so prospects might be easier to follow-up once break’s over.
  • Transportation – From airports to bus companies, an influx of college students will be hard to miss. You need not even mention spring break but giving them any necessary leg up (tools, parts supplies, and even auto insurance) before it begins can be heaven sent when it’s time to get busy.
  • Volunteer organizations – Ever heard of alternative breaks? Not all ‘spring breakers’ are college kids raring to go wild. (Some even argue that the stereotypes are overblown.) For all you know, any place from a local soup kitchen to a children’s hospital can be the alternative destination. Why leave them out as a possibility?

If you want B2B in the strictest sense, that still includes catering to companies that have a consumer market. So where there’s a surge of consumer activity, there’ll be a wave for the business activity and that’s a always good one to ride for B2B marketers.

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