A few fundamentals of business transcription outsourcing have already been explained on a previous post which is entitled “Business Transcription Outsourcing Explained (Part I)”. Those fundamentals include its meaning, the business activities that are commonly transcribed, the people and entities that outsource business transcription, and the reasons on why they do it. However, people were probably left hanging with the question of what other factors are needed to consider when outsourcing. Such factors will be discussed on the next sections, so read on.

The factors that should be taken into consideration when outsourcing business transcription are rates, technology, workforce, security, turnaround time and accuracy. If this will be the first time that company will outsource business transcription, then it is important to look at these factors before starting the project. These should be included in the outsourcing plan first, especially if they will be taking more back office services from a certain BPO company.

Business Transcription OutsourcingRates

The ones who determine the rates for an outsourcing project can either be the provider or the client. This is often the topic on the negotiation phase. Both parties have to agree on how the pricing will be done and in which the rates would depend on. Generally, rates can be computed per line, word, minute or hour, depending on what both parties would conclude. It would actually depend on how big the project will be. On the other hand, the rates of small projects that are handed out to freelancers on many online outsourcing platforms today usually depend on per hour. But there are instances that both agree on a fixed price.

Technology and Security

This is one of the most essential things that clients look for in an outsourcing company. Considering the fact that this generation is becoming more and more advanced, clients prefer to find a provider that has the most updated technology. The reason behind this is quality. There has been a perception that once technology is advanced, the chance of having more quality work is higher. Conversely, there are still many who prefer to find a person or company that is more reliable because of their skills and capabilities. The concern flanked by automated and manual transcription also comes in between.

Another factor that’s related to technology is security. Business transcription outsourcing always focuses on data, facts and records. It is of great significance to take security into account as well.

Workforce, Turnaround Time and Accuracy

In relation to technology, many clients still prefer to see whether the workforce of a certain BPO company is in compliance with their requirements and qualifications. This instance also occurs more frequently on online outsourcing platforms. Upon checking one’s skill set, two of the things that most clients look for are the capabilities to have a quick turnaround time and a high level of accuracy. Minor factors go along with those such as the ability to understand a certain language or accent.

Those are the essential aspects that companies, entrepreneurs or businessmen shouldn’t disregard once deciding to enter a business transcription outsourcing project. Transcription is just one of the many back office services that BPO companies provide today. There will definitely be more factors that can occur during the development of a certain project. Those would depend on both parties’ preferences and changes in the outsourcing industry.