Oh, you thought I was done posting content about this past week’s Digital Marketing Forum? No, no. I still have some goodies left.

MarketingProf‘s annual event contained so many great discussions, lessons and surprises that I wanted to provide a roundup of all the video we produced at the event. Some you might of already seen, but there’s plenty you haven’t yet.

For example, have you heard from Eric Granof? He’s the CMO for AIA and ExpertBail, the largest network of bail bond agents in the country. Eric gave a fascinating talk on how the company used social media to dispel some negative stereotypes about the industry. A bail bond company with more than 2,800 Facebook fans? Believe it, people.

As Tom Martin, a co-panelist with Eric, tweeted: “ExpertBail showing even non-sexy industries r doing really interesting/smart stuff. Look outside echo chamber 4 ideas peeps.”

Sweet Leaf Tea‘s April Riggs showed up with free samples and was promptly brought on stage for a impromptu case study on how the brand has used social media to engage with costumers online, and quickly turn potential negative comments into positive feedback.

Dell’s Director of Social Media, Adam Brown, spoke on just how important Net Promoter Score is to the company and how he sees the metric evolving.

Jay Baer and Amber Naslund spoke about their new book “The Now Revolution” and why social media is turning marketing into the “ligament in the knee” of every organization.

And all that coverage was rounded out with a video from the first day of the event.

Did you attend the Digital Marketing Forum or follow #mpforum on Twitter? What were your favorite moments from the event? What did you learn?