You may not watch it (nor even want to) but the latest season of American Horror Show has become another piece of fiction featuring a killer clown.

Nobody really knows when the idea of a killer clown first hit popular imagination. Some say it was the typical kids’ fear of clowns and others say it all started with Stephen King’s It.

Regardless, you know what’s so intriguing about the concept though? It’s got nothing to do with horror. It’s about how people are sold when you twist something so classic. Now imagine a twist like that being used to pitch your prospects and drive your lead generation campaign.

It’s certainly something you can apply with Halloween just a few weeks away. Where plenty people dress up as vampires, ghosts, and zombies, you can dress up as a killer clown (or an undead pirate, chainsaw murderer, haunted scarecrow, etc).

Okay, so maybe it’s not too original but that’s really besides the point. The point is you can come up with slightly more original ideas by just twisting an existing one. And better yet, this can be strongly appealing to the right target market.

Here’s an example you can apply in the B2B corporate context. Say the common problem of overhead. Everyone knows about. It can be serious but other times it’s not. Wouldn’t it be something if your content can present the problem of overhead in a new light? If you were an accounting company, it’d certainly make for a powerful pitch.

Here are just some ways to get you started:

  • Criticize a current classic – Apprently, a little constructive criticism can actually be better than freely brainstorming for new ideas. You can even take it further by saying that this sort of criticism is just another way of building off a currently existing concept. Take a practice or a norm that you don’t completely agree with. How can you deconstruct it and show it in a way that falls down on itself?
  • Employ irony – In case you missed it, a killer clown is actually a walking oxymoron. Have you ever noticed any business process that turned out to actually defeat its purpose? Dig around. You’ll find some. Ironies are a good way to highlight problems in the most well-intended iniatives. And when you point out problems, you point out opportunities to present your solutions.
  • If all else fails, exaggerate – There’s nothing wrong with just a little exaggeration in marketing (yes, even B2B marketing). Sometimes a fictionalized exaggeration of a typical corporate problem can make for a lighthearted start when engaging a prospect. To do this though, you need to know how to pick part the subject of your exaggeration.

And unlike the killer clown, putting a twist into a classic workplace scenario/product doesn’t always have to be for scares. There’s more room for creativity right there, so what are you waiting for? Think of other classic ideas that you can twist for your marketing content!