When it comes to B2B lead generation I will always place advertising as the final piece to the puzzle, not because I don’t think it has much value, but because it’s so much more effective when you are doing many other activities prior to buying ads.

Ironically advertising is the easiest marketing tactic – anyone with some cash can throw up ads and generate a few clicks and maybe even leads with very little effort.

The only problem is that the leads are often uneducated and unqualified.

Here’s how you generate all the educated, qualified and permission based leads you can handle:

The way to create the highest quality leads is to invest in teaching them how to be ideal clients.

When you employ many other lead generation tactics first, you can use your advertising to drive prospects to any number of educational opportunities, such as newsletters, in-person seminars, video tips, webinars, eBooks, and, reports, knowing that the traffic you send to these elements will do the proper job of educating and ultimately selling.

Make sure to give this content a catchy title, something like:

Home Services Industry

  • How To Catch Your Landscape Contractor Lying To You
  • 7 Things to Check Before Calling for Service on Your Air Conditioner or Furnace
  • The Ultimate Home Owner’s Guide
  • 10 Ways to a Lower Power Bill

Marketing Services

  • 5 Ways to Teach Your Business to Market Itself
  • 5 Useful Research Tools Your Competitors Don’t Know About
  • How to Build an Customer Base that Builds Your Business
  • How To Make Your Business Irresistible To Sponsors


  • What Every Senior Must Know About Obama’s Health Care Changes
  • 13 Things Your Pediatrician Won’t Tell You
  • How to Eat Anything and Lose Weight
  • 101 More Things You Can Eat to Slim Down

Property Management

  • 7 Quick Tips for Staging Your Home to Rent
  • 3 Incredibly Useful Reasons to Hire a Local Property Management Firm
  • 7 Things That Cost You When Renting Your Home
  • 5 Things You Must Get From Any Property Management Firm You Hire

Demonstrate Your Brilliance

Use your B2B advertising toward getting the prospect to take some form of action right then and there. This approach allows you to deliver independent value by demonstrating your expertise in a non-threatening way, and on the prospect’s own terms, before you attempt to make the sale.

Your Best Salesperson in Print or Digital

This type of B2B advertising allows your ad to represent your best salesperson, gets an appointment (attention), goes out there and makes a case for your business, offers proof that you can provide a solution, shares facts and makes a very specific offer or defines the next steps.

Question: What do think about this approach? Would you do something different?