There are a range of benefits that online proofing software offers over traditional proofing methods, today, we are going to look at some of the key benefits.

iStock_000021750223_Full1. Eliminate email approvals:

If you’ve ever found yourself trawling through emails searching for feedback, artwork changes or an approval, then you know how frustrating and time-consuming this can be.

Online proofing software provides a central online platform where all feedback, change requests and approvals are saved and easily located.

Some software will enable you to collate and batch feedback, and then automatically generate one change request summary report for your studio or creative team. This has to be better than sending innumerable emails, which are difficult to track and time consuming to decipher.

2. Eliminate the need to manually update spreadsheets to track projects

Not only is it tedious having to manually update Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, it eats into your work day.

With online proofing, once you’ve created your project the software automatically tracks all work in progress. This means stakeholders can log in at any time to see the project status. Some proofing software enables you to generate a WIP report at the click of a button for your weekly progress meetings.

3. Reduce excessive artwork revisions

Dispense with handwritten mark ups that are illegible or email correspondences that don’t visually show you what needs to be changed.

Online proofing software provides easy to use mark up and compare revision tools, so that artwork changes are easy to decipher. Zoom in and circle the area that needs to be amended and then add a comment detailing the change. Confusion over artwork versions is a thing of the past because now you can easily compare the previous version with the current one side-by-side on your screen.

4. Increased accountability and transparency

Online proofing software provides a record of all feedback and changes so that stakeholders are accountable for their work.

Additionally, some solutions will send alerts to remind stakeholders when feedback or approvals are due or outstanding. Stakeholders from different departments or external agencies can log in at any time and see how the project is tracking as the cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere at anytime!

5. Improve the overall delivery and quality of your project

With a seamless approval workflow, online proofing enables projects to get approved faster with the ability to set your own approval paths so that stakeholders are involved in the process at the correct time and no stakeholder is overlooked.

With its transparent feedback system, online proofing proves to be less error-prone which means that what goes to market is what should go to market. An effective approval workflow process means that you’re likely to stay on budget.