The previous post, The Diversity of The Salesman, talked about the various personalities that a regular salesman had to embody. Unfortunately, it’s an incomplete list, with the gaping lack of an important function that accurately describe today’s prolific marketers.

Advanced technology has led the development of a new breed of marketers, those who are perpetually connected with their target market and constantly update their customers about new products and services through 140-character announcements.

Behold the Geek Marketers

These marketers are known to harness the vast potential of the internet to acquire, convert and retain sales leads. Geek marketers usually start off as home-based freelancers, and their websites are completely outfitted with rss feeds and social media link buttons. You can also expect these social media profiles to be active. Successful geek marketers who work for companies and reach high-level executive positions usually hold the titles of CIO (chief information officer), CTO (chief technological officer) and recently, CCO (chief customer officer). That, or they can go straight to being CEOs by founding their own company.

They are informed about recent social media trends, if only to use these to their advantage and gain marketing leverage. Geek marketers tend to favor inbound marketing strategies over outbound marketing when it comes to business sales lead generation. They are more likely to turn themselves into thought leaders, publishing articles on blogs about the most “effective” marketing strategy of late, the newest app or the most promising startup company. Though they acknowledge the power of telemarketing, they would be more than glad to maintain the telemarketing and CRM software than do the actual cold calling. They enjoy multitasking, and would feel expressly unproductive if delegated with one repetitive task.

Geek marketers are often multi-talented, dabbling in various disciplines under the umbrella of information technology that usually include web design, web programming, web development and search engine optimization. As marketers, they are naturally good with words and great at building relationships with other people. Lately, geek marketers have also branched out to unprofessional photography.

Not surprisingly, geek marketers flourish in tasks that allow them to be technical. Business process outsourcing companies abound with geek marketers, and no decent BPO company would be successful without one.

When you think how reliable a regular marketer can be, think how much a geek marketer can do for your company. He or she is an all-in-one package and will be a valuable asset to any company.

This post originally posted at Callbox Sales and Marketing Blog