The rules of business have changed in a revolutionary manner. The products, marketing and distribution channels are becoming more and more consumer friendly. One prime example of this is the strong emergence of the Business to Consumer or B2C strategy.

B2C marketing links the company directly to its end user, thus creating a lot of space for transparency and feedback. With a shorter sales cycle, the consumer can get the product on almost immediate basis. Further, the feedback and response channel is also smooth enough to make the company aware of consumer emotions and likes or dislikes.

Hence, companies working on B2C model are more inclined to quick changes in their products, which eventually brings more consumer satisfaction. Significantly than the multi-layered B2B strategy, B2C companies are changing economy, thanks to a shorter maker-user cycle and new age user satisfaction approach.

Wansecheng stands as a prime example of this kind of approach. This e-commerce company has come up with dedicated solutions for online entrepreneurs in establishing B2C stores over the internet. When it comes online shopping malls, the current trend promotes provision of rentals. Rentals tend to dent the earnings and since they keep on crawling up, the entrepreneur faces a hard time in establishing his business.

With Wansecheng, online entrepreneurs can even get property rights over the store. Hence, they can be more creative, take their own time in establishing and deciding how he wants to run it.

Since entrepreneurship is about new ideas been implemented, Wansecheng is also having an online interactive education and social media channel where the businessmen can learn, interact and innovate together. The firm has already tied up with worldwide popular brands and would continue to do so, in order to provide best services to the budding B2C companies.

B2C industries are about establishing a direct connection with the consumer and for the same, companies seek similar marketing and advertising strategies. Since every brand is about consumer establishing connection with the end product, the manner in which company establishes itself is very important. This is where brand ambassadors are needed and their selection becomes very crucial.

For instance, the inclusion of Zhu Ting as a brand ambassador of Wsmall Probiotic+ range of products. Wsmall group has worked really hard and dedicated manner in innovating its entire range of products. It has used next generation technology to create healthy and safe consumer products.

In order to promote these products and establish a healthy image, the company turned to the Chinese ace spike Zhu Ting, who at young age has become role model for a lot of youngsters. Her inclusion has created a champion spirit among the users of Wsmall probiotic products which is all set to become one of the leading Chinese brand.

We are living in a generation where every product is highly researched and the companies do immense amount of quality work to make sure their product becomes an instant hit among the consumers. Further, they don’t want to distant themselves from the customer emotions and emotions are the key that decide whether the product would be a success or not. B2C is one of those rare approaches that lets the companies work with customers so that a win-win situation is there for both the sides.

Our economics has relied much on the trend of new and changing and B2C is a strong parameter that keeps a strong track of it.