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Using the telephone and cold calling is still one of the best ways to generate high-quality B2B leads. This produces the most results and is an approach widely used by telemarketers. Cold calling on the other hand, is not regarded as a sales call by some, making B2B telemarketing an even more effective approach since prospects do not want to be presented with prices the moment they know that a telemarketer is on the line.

The thing about using B2B telemarketing is that there are contact persons involved; you can’t just pick up the phone and make a call to a random contact within your target company. As per what has been said, you need to know who you need to call in order to have yourself an effective B2B telemarketing campaign. Here is some advice to aid you those efforts.

Immediate decision makers – When using cold calling for lead generation, the best contact persons for you will be your target company’s immediate decision makers. These people are the ones holding the reigns, being in a position in which they handle company operations and can make decisions that can affect any aspect of the company that they handle. If you’re a software company, then you’re best bet is talking to a CTO (chief technological officer). If you are an accounting firm, then you’re target contact person would be a company’s CFO (chief financial officer). As you can see, there are specific contact persons you need to make your calls to in order to get the best results in doing lead generation.

Influencers – You should never forget to consider the fact of contacting persons who may be potential influencers to your target decision makers. As they are known as influencers, making contact with them can help to get your message across to your target DM. If your target company is looking for and is in need of your type of products and services, then surely making contact with key influencers can all the more help you get closer to your target decision makers.

Gatekeepers – Many telemarketers are quick to ignore gatekeepers. Usually, they only ever need to get through the GK and then to the decision maker. However, as what has been said, telemarketers that do not make proper contact with a GK risk losing an important contact person. Gatekeepers are usually secretaries to your target decision makers and thus they hold valuable information such as addition contact details, current company activities; basically they are like eyes and ears. With that, they become a good point to start with. Establishing good relationships with a GK during the course of the cold call can even make or break your campaign. So if you’re using cold calling, then never forget these contact persons.

Generating B2B leads means you’ll be making a lot of calls and contacting a lot of people. However, in doing so, you can’t just keep on forcing your telemarketing team to make contact only with your target decision makers. You also need to find addition business contacts and make use of the opportunity to increase your visibility to your target prospect, as well as to extract valuable information. Remember these tips in your B2B telemarketing efforts and you should do fine.