Every single company in America needs to be on social media. Whether to offer thought leadership or appear more relevant in search, there’s no question (or argument) how important social media is for business today. The question still begs though, if it’s critical for B2B technology companies. There’s your obvious answers which outline the need to remain competitive, increase share of voice, and keep stakeholders in the loop on the company’s business (though PR does a great job at that too). What’s often overlooked is how the nature of social media can be directly in line with a company’s impending lift.

Social media can create a groundswell of interest in your B2B tech business and people

If managed strategically, B2B tech social media marketers can utilize marketing assets to bring attention to hidden assets on your website or from current or past press coverage that can highlight how your company is relevant in today’s market and trends. Eyeballs on this information could lead prospective customers, partners, investors, press, and analysts to take a deeper look at how your business is a key player in the B2B tech business landscape today.

Marketing assets can also exemplify the work of specific individuals who are (and may become) industry influencers. Publically acknowledging the rising stars in your back office could lead to your company as being heralded as an up and coming business in your sector. Prospects may also seek out those profiled on social at events, trade shows, and conferences as well as help provide a humanized aspect to your organization.

Social media can build an emotional tie to your brand

In today’s crowded marketplace, just re-posting content online will not aid in the differentiation of your B2B tech brand. Marketers must use social media to capture the tone and voice of the brand and emotively attract prospects who want to be associated with the brand culture. Social media can build these bridges by posting company opinions, event promotions, and using specific language that only the brand uses when talking with prospects. Originality is differentiating and compels prospects that a company is in concert with their belief system and is an organization that they can trust.

Social media can be understanding, compassionate, and caring

Culturally speaking, companies need to go back to when they cared more about their customers. Social media can take the lead by using understanding, compassionate, and caring language when engaging with prospects as well as going the extra mile to make sure that a prospect’s question or concern was handled in an appropriate manner. With social, you’re on the front line. What you say or which image you post is the voice of the company. As a marketer, you should follow your company’s style guide and make sure that all communication, written or visual, is consistent and on tap with your company’s objectives.

In conclusion, while these points may be obvious to some of today’s B2B technology marketers, when implemented in collaboration with your marketing team, they can make a world’s difference in the impact of your organization’s lifetime value. They will also by default cause a lift in your company’s overall social media metrics and possibly cause more interest in your business.