That title’s actually not fair. Every product or service is interesting….. to someone.  Otherwise why are you even in business?

Here’s the scenario:

  • You’re in marketing.
  • You need to deliver more leads to sales (quality ones only please).
  • Your website is the best bet for getting more leads quickly.
  • To get more leads on your website, you need more traffic.  To attract more traffic, you need compelling content that will get shared (via email, social, etc.)

Ok, here’s where it gets tough:    You don’t think you have a good story to tell. You think it’s boring.

Most likely you’re probably wrong.  True, you’re not exactly making the next smartphone.  Your B2B product likely doesn’t have the same mass appeal as the iPhone 5.  Don’t worry, most other products don’t either.  However, that doesn’t mean your story is lame.

Your B2B manufacturing product or service may not be a sexy, shiny new object that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.  OK, let’s be honest, it’s not… Except to that niche audience that has a problem, is in need of a solution, and you can solve it.

Let’s say that in your manufacturing plant you developed a proprietary software system and process for alerting the production supervisor of potential quality issues before they happen. That means something to your prospects and customers.  It’s a great story and you don’t have to tell anyone HOW you did it. You don’t have to give away any proprietary specifics.  Just tell the story of what you did and what it ultimately means for your clients.

How about shipping?  Boring, right?  Well, yeah, I guess…. unless you a shipment of parts you’re expecting doesn’t show up on time.  Then it’s anything but boring.   It can totally mess up your production schedule and cause you to miss a client deadline.

If you have a great logistics process or track record of extreme success in shipping, that’s a great story. You can even have a little tongue and cheek fun with the idea that “shipping ” is boring.  The story is that shipping is boring, because you’re shop takes care of everything so that your customers don’t even need to worry about it.

Bottom line here, think about the stuff you do very, very well that your customers love.  Then leverage the social channels to get that story out there. How? We’ll, that’s a topic for a future post. Come back soon for practical advice and tips on ways you can do this.

This post on B2B social media marketing was originally posted on the Online Marketing Institute blog.