I’ve been wondering this for the past few days, Is sales more important than reputation? I mean I know Sales is important but does companies have to ruin its reputation just by getting a sale?

By the way, what I meant by ruining its reputation is by convincing prospects in a way that no one wants to, through spamming and irritating cold-calling. You wouldn’t want prospect say that your company is just like the rest, Annoying and useless when it comes to providing services and product usage.

“But if we didn’t do this sort of thing, then we won’t have a sale!” questions in your head after reading the second paragraph. I understand your concern, but as a prospect way back, I really hate companies calling me and spamming me messages that aren’t really useful to us. And when we try to get in touch with this kind of companies, we are treated like not family, but like a big bag of money, which isn’t an eye catcher for us.

A company’s reputation alone can get you a sale, if your review is something that a prospect can appreciate then, there you go, you have yourself a lead. Marketing is all about the money, right? Wrong, it’s all about building an empire out of small businesses who trusted and appreciate your way of running a business.

You might think for a second that it small businesses should be forced to do your bidding, even though you need them as much as they need you. This is one aspect that a company should change. Every business plays a role in one company, Remember that.

Sales are important, but reputation builds Company’s character, and if you think all about sale, sales, sales, then you better back up and think “Does this require me to go overboard?”