In today’s complex and fast-moving business landscape, B2B marketing consultants and agencies provide an invaluable service to their clients. They offer specialist skills and experience that clients often don’t have in-house.

Consultants help their clients understand and take advantage of the best approaches to delivering better marketing results.

Yet B2B marketing consultants face the same issues as everyone else – they need to win more business; more clients. So, if you’re working in this field, how can you achieve this?

Delivering more value for clients

Most consultants are continually seeking ways to make the results they provide their clients even stronger. This often involves making sure they are up to date on the latest marketing approaches or looking at ways to adopt techniques that worked from one client to their others.

Another way they do this is to develop or acquire additional services that enhance the work they do for their clients.

If you are the kind of consultant who is always looking to deliver better results, to give your clients more value, you’ll likely be keen to add as many additional strings to your bow as possible.

Becoming a data reseller

One option is to become a data reseller, offering your clients high-quality data to improve the outcomes of their marketing efforts. With data in your toolbox, not only can you deliver the strategic advice on marketing campaigns, but you can also provide the data to put your advice into practice.

Whether mailing, telephone or email data, the best way to ensure you can offer high-quality records is to partner with a data list provider and become a reseller. A good supplier/partner will help you to deliver the very best service for your own clients.

Before signing on the dotted line, it’s well worth taking the time to vet your potential partner. Can they tell you exactly where their data comes from? How often is it updated and quality checked? Can they provide deliverability guarantees?

A good data provider will only sell you data that is accurate, up-to-date, legally obtained – and, of course, relevant. They will genuinely care about further improving your clients’ performance and profitability.

For instance, they will create highly-targeted and personalised lists for each of your clients and they will segment the data records according to industry, job title, postcode, or the like. And for more complex clients, they will create bespoke solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Moreover, as a reseller, you will benefit from an additional income stream, as you will receive commission on each purchase you make on behalf of your clients.

Data consultancy services

Beyond business data supply, a good reseller partner will back you up with data consultancy support.

Services like data cleansing, profiling and analyis are additional, value-add solutions that bring real benefits to your clients and enhance the marketing work you are doing for them.

Working in the background, a data consultancy partner will take your client’s existing database, clean it, update it, and return it back better than ever. They will also analyse and enhance your client’s data by developing profiles of their best customers and delivering new “matched” prospects based on those profiles. This will expand your client’s target market and boost lead generation.

By partnering with a full service data supplier and consultancy you can expand and improve the services you provide your clients. To put it another way, by helping make sure your clients have a targeted, optimised, improved database that delivers real results, you make yourself even more valuable to them.