This is the second part of the two part series wherein you can learn about b2b leads acquisition through the popular game from Rovio Entertainment entitled Angry Birds. To read part 1, click here.

There were only three types of birds showcased in part 1 that we compared to b2b leads generation. Today, we continue with studying about the rest of the birds for better business-to-business marketing practices.


  • The black bird. This bird’s ability is akin to that of a bomb. You can use this feathered friend in two ways: (1) Blow it up in a timed manner with a push of a button, or (2) wait for it to drop and count the seconds go by before it blows itself up. Choose which of the two options is essential for your strategy.

    When this bird blows up, expect massive damage (and a lot of points!). The black bird teaches you two things for your b2b leads acquisition campaign – range and timing. For instance, if you focus on e-mail marketing tactics, the farther your promotional e-mails reach the better. Furthermore, you should also study your targeted audience on what would be the best time to “blast” these e-mails for a better reader feedback.

  • The white bird. Chuck is not the only one with a unique name in this game. Enter Matilda, the white bird. Her ability is dropping poach egg bombs. The bomb’s power is a bit lower than what the black bird can dish out but it is still a useful arsenal in bringing down those nasty pigs.

    Matilda also teaches you two things for your b2b leads generation campaign – precision targeting and timing. We already know the importance of timing from what the black bird has taught us. However, you should also incorporate a method wherein your target prospects are precisely, well, targeted. To do this, you need to have a useful tool (e.g. a reliable mailing list) that will help you aim for your targets without much difficulty.

  • The boomerang bird (or the green bird). Now joining the ranks of the “birds with names” comes Al. Although hard to control, Al’s special ability is akin to a boomerang in which he comes back into the fray while flying. His main purpose is to reach obstructions on the far end wherein other birds have difficulty in reaching.

    Al teaches you to not miss any target on your list. If you think that you have flown through your b2b leads acquisition, then it is time to take a step back. Check if you have missed any prospect that you have failed to get in touch with and try to set up a meeting. Who knows, that may even turn out to be a sale that you are looking for.

  • The big brother bird. This bird was also given a unique name for the series – Terence. Terence is just a larger version of the red bird. But do not let his lack of abilities fool you. He can take down a large array of obstacles in his flight path.

    Terence teaches you to be large and in charge when it comes to generating b2b leads. It does not matter if you own a startup company or an established one, show your prospects that you offer the best product or service their money can buy.

This ends the two part series of learning quality b2b leads acquisition through the ever popular Angry Birds game. For more information on how to get more out of your b2b marketing campaign, log in to today.